Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dragon's Dogma Online arrives in Japan at the end of August

Multiplatform Dragon's Dogma Online will become available to a limited number of gamers in Japan on Aug. 27, with full service going live Aug. 31. I highly suggest playing the Japanese version even if you can't understand the language, it's totally playable and lag free on PC. What's more, there is no release date announced for international territories at this time.



A limited edition released on August 27 will include an array of 'Nemesis Series' equipment, including the 'Sword of Nemesis' and 'Shield of Nemesis'(for the Fighter class), 'Wall of Nemesis' and 'Rod of Nemesis' (Shield Sage), and 'Staff of Nemesis' (Priest) and 'Bow of Nemesis' (Hunter). The limited edition founders pack is 63$ and comes with a lot of goodies along with early access, if it comes with the freemium service, it might be worth it. The item is also sold at Amazon Japan! Find out more details bout the limited edition package here.
Players who live outside of Japan but want to play this ganme can use some proxy or VPNs. Even if you have no idea what a VPN is. You should start build your own VPN to pimp out your Gaming, Streaming, Remote Access, and security. If you want to get around a location restriction and watch live TV, and play this game in the Japan, for example, you want to make sure your VPN service provider has servers in Japan.
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