Thursday, July 30, 2015

Galak-Z: The Dimensional launches on PlayStation 4 on Aug. 4

Galak-Z: The Dimensional is only a few days away from release as part of Sony's PlayStation 4 summer downloadable game promotion. GALAK-Z is a modern, A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of the classic 16-bit space shooter. 



August is only less than a week away so unsurprisingly, members of the Playstation Plus subscription service are already very excited to find out which free games are in store for them. While there has not been a confirmation from Sony (as new games usually come out in the first week of every month), a lot of speculations regarding the line-up of the free games have already surfaced online. And by the looks of it, subscribers would really get their money's worth in August. According to a forum dedicated to next month's titles predictions, "Galak-Z: The Dimensional" most likely would be included in the offering.
Galak-Z offers the next-generation of shoot-em-up action, combining modern A.I., physics-­driven mechanics and open­-world expanse with classic 16-­bit space shooter blasting. Turns out your ship can turn into a combat mech in Galak-Z. You come equipped with a sword, shield, and the ability to grapple and throw rocks, ships and more. It isn't just a game about flying around space in a ship ... because your ship can also transform into a mech wielding a giant laser sword.
Described by 17-bit Games lead Jake Kazdal as "Far Cry 3 shoved down the throat of R-Type 3," Galak-Z was one of many indie games featured during Sony's E3 2013 press conference. The games has you playing as a ship exploring space, avoiding and engaging in combat, and collecting resources in order to make your ship more powerful through upgrades. The game is randomly generated making each level unique each time you play it.
Players will take control of a variety of a spacecraft inspired by anime of the late 70s and early '80s, piloted by a cast of characters every bit as colorful as the rainbow­hued explosions erupting all around them. Newtonian physics take center stage as players experience finely­tuned control, blasting enemies, unleashing missile salvos, and tossing enemies into explosive obstacles.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tips for new game - DiscStorm

XMPT Games is bringing DiscStorm to Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux this summer with the help of publisher Mastertronic. DiscStorm for PC is scheduled to be launched next month, on August 14.



Fast-paced and furious, DiscStorm is an arena combat game where split-second reactions are essential to dodge flying discs as they ricochet around at breakneck speed. This article will give you a few tips and tricks for the multiplayer combat.
First, the game is set to coming to North America, Australia and Europe the same day. So players who want to play the game earlier than others can use a NewZealand VPN to switch IP address to a New Zealand one, and get the game at NZT, among the earliest to enter into a new day. If you don't have a VPN account, you can resort to a free VPN account. The settings are simple, a free VPN is enough to download the game with a New Zealand server.
It's a generic 'first to ten' match that most players familiar with the genre will recognize. That's you get a point every time you hit another player and the first player to score 10 points wins the match. This game mode can be played either with or without power-ups. Using the power-up chest as a trap is a worthwhile strategy in nearly every case. You can also catch your opponents off guard by throwing all of your discs out at the very start of the match.
In certain levels, you can take advantage of unusual banked shots to fire around corners, or in the case of the space level, you can even wrap the disc around the arena to hit someone from behind. 
The next mode is called 'Survival': each player gets three lives and once they're gone, you're out of the match. Much like First To Ten, you can play with or without power-ups. Use the power-up chest as bait to land hits on unsuspecting players. Either hide behind them and through through or keep your distance and wait for someone to try to take the chest.
Let your opponents kill one another off without doing any of the killing blows yourself. This is a strategy that can backfire when they realize you aren't losing any lives and then gang up on you to even things out…Deflecting is incredibly useful in this mode as you don't care who you hit, as long as you do hit them!
Another of the modes is called 'Death Disc' – a mode that has caused some of the most frantic matches we've ever had. A single disc spawns somewhere in the arena. It will be somewhere that we've determined to be a fair location regardless of how many players you have in the match. If any player is hit with the disc, including the player who threw it, that player is out of the match. If you find yourself in a Death Disc battle, try these strategies if you want to get an edge on your opponents:
Remember that you can pick up discs whilst dashing, it's a great way to get to the disc as quickly as possible at the start of the round.
If you get the disc first, the best way to secure a hit is to get as close to someone as possible. Use the deflect move to stun them and immediately throw the disc at them.

Picking up the disc after it's been thrown is tricky. A good strategy for this is to dash over to the spot where you think it will land just before it hits the ground. This should mitigate the danger of getting hit by your own disc, if you do it right…
Some of you may not familiar with VPN or don't know how to setup a VPN, just refer to the VPN tutorials.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Setup a VPN on Android?

It's more and more popular to surf the Internet on smart phones. To protect our privacy, we have to know about how to setup VPN on android. You could also use the VPN to access Netflix or Hulu when you are outside of America for example.


VPNs are not all created equally, there are so many VPN providers that it's difficult to choose a really good one. First we have to make sure the VPN we choose can be applied to Android since there are some VPNs don't compatible with Android system. Then we need to ensure the VPN is fast and stable. No one would like to disconnected and setup again and again or have high ping. The best VPNs offer a solid balance of features, server location, connectivity protocols, and price.
When you connect to a VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your computer. But for most VPN, there is no app for Android system. Now let's guide how to setup a VPN on your Android phone.
Step 1: Open on your phone accordingly: Settings - Wireless & network - more settings - VPN - Add VPN.
Step 2: Enter a name for the VPN, choose VPN type (PPTP or L2TP), and a VPN server address. Here I would like to recommend a free VPN, FlyVPN. Register on their homepage, then visit VPN server address list . Saving the settings you have done.
Step 3: Go back to find the VPN, it requires an account to get connected to the server. We can use their free android VPN accountThe username and password are listed there. Refresh to get the latest password. Please guarantee use the free account matching the IP address you setup.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to download free music on iPhone

Due to private copying and copyright laws, lots of music streaming are not allowed to free download songs. Today, I would like to recommend several Chinese free music app for iOS. If you don't have a Chinese IP, refer to VPN service.


Earlier this month several music industry organizations in the UK won a judicial review which renders the Government's decision to allow copying for personal use unlawful. Following this unexpected decision are UK citizens now breaking the law if they copy their own CDs? How will the fate of the legislation be determined?
Ripping a music file from a CD to .MP3 format for playing on a smartphone or tablet being one typical example. This exception does not allow copying of copyright protected material for family and friends, neither does it legitimize downloading files from the Internet, as in most cases the downloader will not already own a legitimate licensed copy.
Thankfully, there are still a host of excellent websites that allow you to legally download and locally store your music free of charge. The most used Chinese music apps, Baidu Music, Xiami Music, QQ Music, and Kugou Music are free. You can listen to artists and albums, hot and latest songs, download them totally free. If you don't have a Chinese IP, just refer to FlyVPN. They provide a free VPN account, containing several Chinese servers. There is no time limit for this account. What's more, it's totally free. It's easy to setup this VPN, refer to their tutorial: After setup the VPN, just login with their free account to change the IP. 
Free account: musicfree
Password: flyvpn

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watch Digiturk from outside of Turkey

Traveling abroad, but want to see your native broadcasting? For most Turks, Digiturk is one of the most popular TV channels. However, Digiturk is only available for Turkey users, who have a Turkey IP address. For this to work in abroad, you need a VPN service.


Digiturk is a Turkish satellite television provider founded in 1999, with services starting in mid-2000. They offer both national cable television channels and their own channels, national radio, and music streams of different genres. Digiturk relays 38 national channels, 22 news channels, 23 film and series channels, 20 sport channels, 14 children channels, 12 music channels, 15 documentary channels, 9 entertainment and life style channels and 65 other international channels.
You will receive an error shows 'sorry, the content is unavailable in your region'. That is caused by a block making the Digiturk stream only available to people located in Turkey, people with a Turkey IP address. FlyVPN can give you one Turkey IP. So, if your current favorite program is going right now, you can be ready to watch it in less than 10 minutes. Download their client, get their free VPN accounts, and you are ready to go! There are many other free servers in these free accounts. And with that service, you will no longer get to see what is available on your region, but from anywhere you can watch and enjoy everything that is available on regions listed. 
They have good service and a good product and it works perfect for watching streaming, play games and other functions. If you need to use the VPN service very often, you can make a subscription of their service, the Turkey servers are in the shared IP VPN package.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to play King's Quest earlier

King's Quest is a graphic adventure game series created by the American software company Sierra Entertainment. King's Quest: A Knight to Remember, the first episode in a five-part saga, will launch on July 28, be available for Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However due to the different time zone, you may get the game hours later than players live in NZT. The VPN service will allow you to play the game early for your time-zone, you will gain access to the game at the same time New Zealanders do.




King's Quest is a collection of five different chapter releases, each focusing on an untold tale in Graham's past. It is widely considered a classic series from the golden era of adventure games. Discover a wondrous world full of whimsical characters, charming puzzles and perilous dangers in this fun and enchanting coming of age story. Pre-purchase now and customize your desktop with a free Wallpaper Pack when King's Quest releases on July 28th! 
To play the game at New Zealand time, you need a VPN. We'll grab a free one - and take the suggestion of FlyVPN. Its NewZealand server allow you get the game early. Below is the steps:
1. Open Steam and let it boot up.
2. Start games preload process and let it download somewhere between 10 to 20 MB while VPN Connection is on!
3. Close VPN Connection. Preload should now stop for few seconds, but then automatically start again with maximum speed allowed by yours connection. 
4. Download finished. Start the game while VPN connection is on, and let it go all way into main menu. 
5. Then close the game, and close VPN connection, do not close Steam or you need do this process again, and boot game back up. At 00:00 NZT you will be able to play. 

If you don't know how to use VPN, please read on VPN guide. Hope this guide helps everyone play King's Quest earlier by with using VPNs. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

VPN for Cheaper Online Shopping

Websites can detect your IP location via standard IP detection and geo-restriction systems to restrict your online purchases. You may find some products are quoted different prices for people in different countries. A VPN service allows you buy cheaper games, books, electronic products, movies and music online.



ECommerce payments and fraud consultancy company emphasized the importance of geo-location tagging for online transactions made by credit cards on their website. By using a VPN, every time a site will query my location they will find me in the region where my VPN server is. Once you set up the connection, you can use IP of other regions without being blocked or charged at higher prices. 
It's no surprise that online gamers are keen to find their way to access to the lower prices in game. Steam is a difficult one to get a game with lower price by changing IP addresses. However, the cheaper prices for PlayStation 3 Online, Xbox LIVE, Origin and some other game sites can be accessed.
Geo-blocking is an online practice that prevents shoppers in some countries from being able to buy products and services for cheaper prices overseas. The frustrating reality of geo-blocking is common for Australian consumers, and they are often charged hefty mark-ups on products.
I visited the Samsung website on a US server and find a Samsung Galaxy Tab quoted $149.99, but with a Russian server quoted the same device for $138. While Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are among the main culprits, online media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also divide the globe into segments, only some users can access to those with a certain IP address. You can use VPNs to access TV, movies and media that only available in other countries.
VPN services are being used extensively by players, online shopping customers, businesses, travelers need video streaming from abroad. A free VPN is enough for tricking these sites and getting lower price. Even use a paid VPN, you can save on video games, tickets, electronics and other online shopping stuffs that have practically recovered the cost of the VPN subscription. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feist launches on July 23

Feist is a beautiful, poetic action-packed game and will, after a long development process, be released on Steam next week, on July 23. If you're in a zone that's among the earliest to enter into a new day, congratulations! If you're not, Steam won't allow you into it, even other players already playing it. However, VPN service enables you play it early.




Feist is a lush and visually striking game, with an enchanting and spooky atmosphere. It tells the story of a small creature surviving in a mysterious, hostile world. Feist has been in development since 2008, when Bits & Beasts co-founders Adrian Stutz and Florian Faller created new software to playtest fantastical new gameplay mechanics and techniques. Now, after partnering with producer Finji, Bits & Beasts has announced a July 23 release date for their flagship title.
Outwit a sprawling forest full of secret danger and fierce creatures in a multi-award winning project that has been shown at exhibitions around the world gameOnce players escape the crude crate the strange, lumbering beasts used for a trap, players journey through sprawling forests, mountains, caves, and swamps, brought to life in a cinematic physical-effects style reminiscent of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, or Hedgehog in the Fog.
A VPN will be most useful for Europeans or Americans because of hours later play time, can get some 'time saving' from this. The earliest possible time is 00:00 NZT. FlyVPN offers a free NewZealand VPN server. Follow the set up guide to install a VPN Client, Enter VPNU as username and its password, get free VPN account from Choose New Zealand server, then click connect. After changing your IP address, you will be able to play the game at NZT.

Monday, July 13, 2015

God of War III Remastered arrives on PS4

God of War III arrives on PlayStation 4 in remastered form this July 14. The game comes with 1080p gameplay, silky smooth combat, and a variety of fan-oriented enhancements, all in celebration of the the 10th anniversary of Kratos' first journey.




God of War III Remastered will bring epic battles to life with stunning graphics and an elaborate plot. God of War III is a third-person action-adventure video game. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III Remastered is the critically acclaimed single-player game that allows players to take on the fearless role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he rises from the darkest depths of Hades to scale the very heights of Mount Olympus to seek his bloody revenge. 
Release Date: 07/14/2015
Genre: Action
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Official site:
Get ready for the game but high pings exist? The best solution is select a quality VPN. Then how to choose a good VPN? It should have large number of servers for you to choose. Have the free trial that is long enough for you to decide whether it would help to reduce the ping. If VPN servers of large quantities can not save gamers from the mire of high ping, the last resort came, some special functions that aims at reducing the ping, like FlyVPN's Customize Routing Table function. It is designed to reduce the lag in game.

Friday, July 10, 2015

How to watch HBO Now TV from abroad

HBO Now is a new online service from HBO giving people to watch HBO programs and films online. Not supposed to be available for people all across the world, it's only for people in the USA. This article will tell you how to watch HBO Now online from all across the world.


HBO Now was made available in April 2014, but unfortunately only to Apple users. The first problem you may face is that you enter the Apple Store and search for HBO Now, but you do not seem to find the application itself. What is the problem? If you can not find the HBO Now application the problem is that your Apple ID is connected with an Apple Store in another country (that is, not in the USA). To fix this you will need to enter Settings – iTunes & App Store and press on your Apple ID. First you need to View your Apple ID and once there you press the Country/Region settings and then you Change Country or Region settings. Notice that any ongoing subscriptions to products in another country will be stopped as you change this, but if you do not have any ongoing subscriptions this will not cause any problems.
As you change the nation you choose US as your nation and then you type an address. Once you have added these settings you can visit the Apple Store again and now you will be able to find the HBO Now application. You are now half the way to success, but now comes the most important part, because for this to work you will need an American IP address. To get an American IP, we recommend using the VPN services - FlyVPN, a service that contains over 100 IPs.
NOW TV Movies has a free thirty day trial which is very nice, and is somewhat similar to for example Netflix. The films available are in fact quite cool and somewhat different from Netflix and Amazon Prime. It seems to us that they get some of the really hot and new films quicker than their opponents.
At NOW TV Entertainment you can see content from Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Gold, Comedy Central, Arts, ITV Encore, Fox, MTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Junior. 
With a NOW TV Sports subscription you will able to watch live content from the following amazing Sky channels: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports Ashes, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports F1. Since sports is fun live, there is not a big selection of stuff to watch, so this is for sports enthusiasts who want to watch all the action and fun live on their favorite SKY Sports channel. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princessc comes next week

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is due out for PlayStation 4 at retail and PlayStation 3 and PS Vita via PlayStation Network on July 14, 2015 in North America and July 17, 2015 in Europe. If you need to get early access to it, resort to a VPN.


Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess is a Strategy game, developed and published by Koei Tecmo Games, which was released in Japan in 2015. The Nightmare Princess follows on the heels of Deception IV: Blood Ties which was originally released on February 27, 2014 in Japan. The main draw of the updated game is an all-new 100-quest storyline with newcomer Velguirie (who can kick and stomp enemies with a physical attack), as well as a "Deception Studio" mode that allows you to create your own characters and scenarios to share and download online.
Official Site:
Looking at the deployment times for its international launch, European players have to wait for another 3 days to get the game. Fortunately, players can resort to US VPN to play it as earlier as Americans do. If you are search for a good performance VPN, FlyVPN is your choice. FlyVPN can help you bypass the regional block, tricking as if you are in North America. It has America and Canada VPN servers, some of them are free. Then how to use FlyVPN? Below is the steps:
1. Head to the download page: .
2. Install the Client, and run the program.
3. When you are presented with the login page, you can either use your own paid account or use their free VPN account.
4. A list of servers organized by location has been brought up. Choose one of the North American servers. 
5. Click the 'connect' button.
6. Your IP has been changed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Early play The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice is set to be launched on July 9, 2014 through Steam's Early Access program, only less than 3 hours left for New Zealand players. If you live outside of New Zealand, and would like to play as earlier as possible, then change your IP to a New Zealand one.




The Red Solstice is a top-down, tactical, squad based survival shooter video game, developed by Ironward and published by Ironward for Microsoft Windows. The game is a tactical, 8-player, co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars. It is the first installment in The Red Solstice video game series. The Red Solstice is getting a big single-player campaign! If you like tactical strategy games, you should love TRS's single-player, offering between 7 and 30 hours of gameplay.
As NewZealand is one of the regions that enters a new day among the earliest, you can use a NewZealand VPN server to unlock this game earlier. No need to wait another day or another 3 hours. A VPN allows you get the game in less than 3 hours. Steam doesn't care whether you use VPN to change the IP. 
Get the free VPN account from FlyVPN. Close Steam and restart. Once Steam restarts, it should start unpacking The Red Solstice. Wait until the game is done unpacking and start it up with the VPN running to make sure it works. If it works, exit the game, select Go Offline in Steam (It's under Steam in the top left). You can close the VPN now too. You can go online in Steam again once the game officially releases. If you are new to VPN, just read on the VPN tutorials about how to use VPN.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Better Late Than DEAD comes on July 9

Better Late Than DEAD, an action adventure game, is coming to Steam on July 9, 2015. It's developed by Brazilian team Odin Game Studio and published by ExcaliburI'm using a NewZealand VPN to change my IP address and appear I'm in NewZealand, which is able to get the game as earlier as possible. 




The main purpose of the game is to come at the genre from a slightly different angle, provide a clear endpoint goal for the survival experience, and to remove some of the busywork involved in crafting; rather than endless, aimless wandering. You'll explore an open sandbox environment.
Awaking on an island with no memory, you have just one memento of the life you led before… You must search the island for useful tools that will aid in your escape. As time passes and hopes of survival hang on to a thread, you realize that this island is not as it seems. Played in both first and third person view, the game features a crafting system that is inspired by classic point and click adventure games.
Although the release date is the same day for Europe, North America and Australia, there are also difference in release time due to these countries are in different time zones. Without doubt, New Zealanders are the first to play the game. Fortunately, player can get access to this game the same time as New Zealanders by using VPN service. Bypass regional restrictions won't be banned in Steam. Given that, it seems allowed to change IP address to getting into the game. Follow up the steps to unlock Better Late Than DEAD in New Zealand time:
Get a free VPN (FlyVPN with free NewZealand VPN server is our choice).
Here's how to do it:
1. Download a VPN Client from .
2. Once that's installed, run it. Login with your account. If you don't have a premium account, you can use their free VPN accounts. New Zealand server is in free account 'vpnu'.
3. You'll see a window with a server list. Find the New Zealand server and connect it.

4. Go to when Better Late Than DEAD is available to play. Change your Steam download region in the Steam Settings under Downloads. Do so, and wait for the main menu to load up. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Trove launches on July 9, 2015

Trove is coming next week, on July 9. No matter you are in North America, Europe or Australia, you can play it next week. With the time fast approaching, you may can't wait to play it at the first time. Using a NewZealand VPN to change your IP to a NewZealand one and unlock Trove among the top earliest.


Get a free VPN
FlyVPN provides free NewZealand VPN server. Open their free VPN trial accounts page, you will find two free accounts listed, choose account 'vpnu'. If you don't know how to use VPN, resort to their VPN tutorials.

Step 1. Connect to a New Zealand VPN server.
Step 2. Start game download process and let it download somewhere between 10 to 20 MB while VPN Connection is on!
Step 3. To get fast download speed, close VPN connection and let your local network continues to download. 
Step 4. Connect to the VPN again at the end of download, appear as if you are in New Zealand.
Step 5. Download finished!

Play early
Step 1. Connect to New Zealand VPN server.
Step 2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on. 
Step 3. Close the game and VPN connection, but do not close the game site.
Step 4. Enjoy now!



About Trove
Trove is a Free to Play voxel based action MMO where you rebuild a world shattered by chaos and deceit! Whether hunting treasure in far-off lands or building realms of your own, it's never been this good to be square! Play as a Knight, Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Dracolyte, Candy Barbarian or any one of our many other classes - shoot and slash your way through vast, procedurally generated environments and dungeons to acquire loot and experience. 
Adventure, explore, and create in Trove!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to reduce ping in Pneuma: Breath of Life

Pneuma: Breath of Life is an enthralling first person puzzler. Its PlayStation 4 version will come out next week, on July 7. During play the game, you may find that the lag is always extremely high. So the method to lower the ping is the most important thing for a gamer who connected to a game server in foreign. My method is to configure a better performed VPN on my PC to lower the ping.



Pneuma: Breath of Life put gamers' minds to the test in a visually stunning world using Unreal Engine 4 and Physically Based Rendering. It's a game of perception, of exploring the self, and the mysteries of reality. Sometimes there are levers to pull. A mix of puzzle-solving and philosophy, wrapped in Unreal powered prettiness. This is the first person puzzler of 2015 which is designed to force players think outside the box and explore beyond what they know as reality.
Publisher: Deco Digital
Developer: Bevel Studios
To choose a VPN of good quality is always a problem to players. You may find VPN servers could not help them, and the effects of ping is the same even if they do not use VPN servers. The VPN that is up to all the marks i have proposed is FlyVPN. It provides hundreds of servers. That means, if one of the servers is not as good as you had thought, then you have plenty of spare servers to resort to.
Next, i give you guidance on how to connect flyvpn to your computer. Just three simple steps.
Step 1: Download flyvpn client: .
Step 2: After installment, log in flyvpn client by inputting your account. If you don't have paid account, you can use their free VPN accounts. But I recommend to register an account, for the free accounts have time limit.
Step 3: Select one of the server, then click 'connect'.
PS: They have special functions like Customize Routing Table. It usually be used for reduce latency in games.