Friday, March 13, 2015

Best VPN to Play Korean Online Games

It’s frustrating that many excellent Korean games are only available to natives. However, although I’m a foreigner, I can’t help to playing Korean online games. I think most online game players prefer to play them like me, though they may also live outside of Korea. I would like to recommend you one of the best game VPN - FlyVPN.





Fascinating look, great components and advanced rules, Korea games are always favored by players from all around the world. Two particularly popular video games for gamers are StarCraft and Blade&Soul.
FlyVPN can satisfy your demand of pretending to be the Korea natives when doing online activities. A Korea VPN can change your real IP to a Korean IP address, making game supplier unable to detect your real identity. You can get the Korean IPs by subscribing FlyVPN’s Korea dedicated IP plan or shared IP plan. What’s more, FlyVPN offers free accounts that contains free Korea VPN servers. You can have a free test about the performance of Korean servers before buy VPN.
FlyVPN has a simplified Client for windows, so it’s easy to use even you may know nothing about VPN. Below is a guidance about how to use it:
1. Download FlyVPN Client for windows: .
2. After installed the Client, open it, and login with your account. If you don’t have FlyVPN account, you can use FlyVPN’s free trial account:
3. Then you will see a list of VPN servers, select one Korean server, connect it. 
4. Now your IP has been changed to a Korean IP. 
I suggest you buy VPN premium account because the VPN is useful and necessary for gamers. Play any Korean games will not be trouble again when you get hold of a premium VPN account.


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