Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unlock Sid Meier’s Starships Early

Sid Meier’s Starships, or Sid Meier’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, is a turn-based strategy video game. Created by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games, it will be released on March 12, 2015 for Microsoft Windows. For players want to unlock this game earlier, you can change your IP to a New Zealand IP address by using VPN service.




Starships is not a traditional Civilization game but it borrows art assets and narrative elements from Civilization: Beyond Earth. It centers on space exploration, resource management and allocation, and combat. Sid Meier’s Starships let you build and command your starship fleet, and travel between planets as you explore, build, negotiate, and fight to preserve your vision for humanity.
Someone may unlock the game earlier by set the ‘location’ to New Zealand on Xbox One or PS4. But this way didn’t work for all players. The VPN is the best tool to preload and unlock games earlier. New Zealand is among the earliest regions to get into a new day. So a New Zealand VPN helps you advance the playtime earlier. FlyVPN can hide your real IP address and allow you download some games from other countries. There is a NewZealand server showed on its free trial VPN list, which means users can doing this without paying for any service. If you don’t know how to use VPN, please read on some guidance about VPN: . FlyVPN has a user friendly VPN Client, easy to use. This way even non-technical people can get up and running in a few minutes. 
After getting a free NewZealand server, all you need to do is preload and unlock it with this VPN server. Please make sure turn on the VPN connection when at the beginning and at the end of download. Refer to my previous article about how to unlock the game early: .

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