Monday, March 23, 2015

Can I watch March Madness from Abroad?

It’s the time for March Madness again, one of the hottest sports events of the year. March Madness is arranged from March 17th to April 6th in 2015. For those who live outside of USA but want to watch the sports events, you can resort to VPN service.


NCAA March Madness is a tournament coverage of Men’s Basketball. The NCAA tournaments are an American tradition that sends millions of fans into a synchronized frenzy each year. It’s this chaos that gives the tournament its March Madness nickname. The game is worth watching especially for those who are into basketball. March Madness is televised on four different channels CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV in the USA, each requiring that you have an American IP address. As TNT, TBS and TruTV require a local TV subscription, the only optional channel is CBS, because it offers online streaming. All you need is an online subscription, and of cause a USA VPN.
If you don’t change your IP to an American IP address, you will not access the video content due to the geo-restriction. So get hand of a USA VPN! FlyVPN is a frequently used VPN service to unblock this kind of restriction. Below is the instruction of how to use FlyVPN:
For windows user:
1. Download FlyVPN Client from .
2. Run this Client and login.
3. Connect to one of the American server. 
4. Now your IP has been changed to an American one.

For iPad user:
Visit to configure FlyVPN, refer to

For Mac users 
Configure FlyVPN according to tutorial for OS X:

After you have gotten your new American IP address, you could subscribe CBS service and watch March Madness online.


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