Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to Get Access of Tower of Saviors’ Disney Part

The mobile game, Tower of Saviors, is released for Android. However, some parts of this game are only for China, HongKong, Taiwan users, meanwhile, some other parts are only available for America or European players. For example, the Disney part requires Taiwan or Hong Kong IP. Players who want to play this part, can use a HongKong VPN or Taiwan VPN to change IP.




Tower of Saviors is a mobile game developed by Mad Head Limited, a Hong Kong-based mobile application developer. The addictive and widely popular smash hit mobile game, proudly presents Tower of Saviors Version 9.02 for Android. This article is about how to unlock the Disney part of Tower of Saviors for Android players.
Get a HongKong or Taiwan IP
Mad Head detect player’s IP only at the beginning of login this game. So a free HongKong VPN server is enough to get access to Disney part. FlyVPN that offers free HongKong and Taiwan servers is our best choice. First, you should know how to use VPN on your Android phone, refer to the VPN tutorials for Android system: . Choose a HongKong or Taiwan server IP to configure VPN on your Android phone. All FlyVPN’s Hong Kong and Taiwan servers are in free account ‘vpnu’. Get its latest password to get connected.
Unlock Tower of Saviors’ Disney Part
1.Make sure you have configured one of the HongKong or Taiwan servers and VPN connection is on.
2.Login Tower of Saviors and let it boot up.
3.MH checked your IP only at start of the game, so it doesn’t matter if your VPN disconnected for time limitation or other reasons. 
4.Play the game now either use your wifi or VPN.
5.You have to change your IP by connecting VPN next time when you play the game.

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