Monday, June 13, 2016

How to unblock and watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with free UK VPN?

BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, is a world-famous public service broadcaster widely appreciated by people from English speaking countries. BBC now offer an online broadcasting service named as BBC iPlayer, on which web surfers can watch live BBC TV channels, catch up on TV programmes they missed and view exclusive content on BBC iPlayer.

However, watching BBC iPlayer outside UK is not always easy. BBC uses geo-blocking to make sure BBC iPlayer only available to local British residents. In other word, BBC iPlayer is only accessible to IP addresses based inside UK. But accessing BBC iPlayer outside UK is still possible: Just use a UK VPN to get a British IP and thus to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK.

How to unblock and watch BBC iPlayer outside UK with free UK VPN?

If you access BBC iPlayer outside UK, you'll see "BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it's due to rights issues." Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Connect to a free UK VPN (suggestion of UK VPN suppliers will be presented in the following part of this article)
Step 2: Clear cache of your navigator
Step 3: Visit the official website of BBC iPlayer
Step 4: You can now enjoy content on BBC iPlayer outside UK

Unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK with free UK VPN

Best UK VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac

Among all the UK VPN suppliers that I've used, I prefer FlyVPN's service. FlyVPN has released VPN clients or Apps for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, which enable you unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK on all these operating systems.

FlyVPN also provides VPN free trial service before purchasing. Here is a tutorial: How to get and use a free UK VPN on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

free UK VPN server on Windows


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