Monday, June 6, 2016

Free mainland China VPN: Why and how to get a mainland China IP address with free mainland China VPN?

You need a free mainland China IP to unblock Chinese websites from abroad? You want to watch Chinese online video from abroad but don't know how to bypass geographic restrictions? This article will introduce how to get a Chinese IP address with a free mainland China VPN. Just continue to read and you'll know how.

Why should we use a free mainland China VPN to get a Chinese IP address?

Access Chinese websites from abroad

Many Chinese websites are only available in mainland China. This means a Chinese IP address is necessary to visit this kind of websites. If you are outside mainland China and find yourself blocked by these websites, you can try to use a mainland China VPN to bypass geographic restrictions.

Watch Chinese TV channels online from abroad

Like TV channels of many other countries, most Chinese TV channels only allow local Chinese residents to access their online video contents. Therefore, if you want to watch Chinese TV Channels online from abroad, you'd better use a free mainland China VPN to get a Chinese IP address. (You may also like: How to watch Youku, Sohu et LeTV from abroad? )

Hide IP and stay anonymous online

VPN makes your online data encrypted and your local IP hided so that no one other than VPN supplier has the access to your personal online data. By doing this, you can stay anonymous online with VPN. If you are in mainland China, a VPN server in mainland China is the best way to stay anonymous and get lowest ping. (You may also like: How to check whether your VPN is leaking your IP and how to stop it? )

free China VPN to get a Chinese IP

How to get a Chinese IP address with a free mainland China VPN?

Among all the free VPN service I've used, FlyVPN's free trial service is truly among the best ones. FlyVPN has already released its clients for Windows and Mac as well as its App for Android and iOS. All this will help you get a free mainland China VPN connection on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. Please check this article: How to have a free VPN on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac?


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