Thursday, June 2, 2016

VPN to change IP: Why you need a VPN to change IP?

You are able to unblock sites and video content and browse anonymously because you will be surfing with the IP address of the server not with your own. Changing to another IP make everything convenient, whether do online shopping or banking. It's convenient to access your private online banking, easy to download with high speed.

Reasons why you need a VPN to change IP

You are in public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi, whether paid or free, are horrifically insecure. You are literally broadcasting all of your data 'in the clear' with typically no security whatsoever. This can include your account, bank info, e-mail, search histories, and any other data sent or received over the wireless network. Social networks like Facebook, YouTube, etc, have become such important platforms to connect others. But if you're in China and you want to enterFacebook that isn't available in your country, all you have to do is pick a server in a country that access to it. For getting unblocked, change your IP to a HongKong, Korea, American IP.

You need to access resources from another country

If you want to use a favored web service or application but for some reason is limited to a specific region, you need to change your IP address. Most TV channels are only available in their own countries. By changing your IP address, you can access various online games. What's more, on this way you will avoid time zone waiting and enjoy your favorite game.

You desire privacy and security

You don't want your Internet Provider, or owner of a network you're connecting through, to log, monitor, or control what you do online. Usually there is no evil intent here, but let's face it — there have been many documented cases, where individual privacy rights have been blatantly and willfully disregarded by Internet service providers, search engines, and website owners. The best way to avoid these matters is hide your IP address so you can protect your location and identity.

vpn ip change

How to change IP address?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is an effective IP change solution. A reliable VPN can change your IP address or hide your IP address for total anonymity. By using VPN, you could connect to internet whenever and wherever possible and all others would be able to capture is what they will never be able to crack. If you don't have a VPN and not familiar with VPN service, you can use a free VPN, such as FlyVPN to test their functions.

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