Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unlock Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star earlier

Ar Nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star will be launched in the West, on July 2nd in North America and July 1st in Europe for PlayStation Vita. Since Koei Tecmo announced Ar nosurge plus make journey west and the reveal of its release date, American players may can't wait one more day than Europeans. Don't worry, an European VPN allows you play the game the same day as Europeans. 




I will guide you how to get a free European VPN account in this article. Before we get into that, I'm sure you'd like to know what the game's about. Ar nosurge Plus is an enhanced version of Ar nosurge, with new costumes, new purification partners, and some DLC from the original release. Ar nosurge is a role-playing video game developed by Gust for the PlayStation 3 released on March 6, 2014. It's a continuation of Ciel nosurge released in 2012, and also a prequel to the Ar tonelico series. Ar Nosurge Plus tells the compelling story of a civilization that lost their planet and has been roaming the edge of space for 2000 years in search of a new home.
Now go to guide. 
Step 1: Go to FlyVPN download page: http://www.flyvpn.com/download. Install the FlyVPN Client.
Step 2: Open the Client and use their free VPN accounts to login. Choose any of them, because each free account contains servers in European countries.
Step 3: After login, choose 'send all traffic via VPN' as Traffic Type.
Step 4: Choose 'auto' as VPN Protocol.
Step 5: Tick 'Enable IPsec for L2TP'.
Step 6: Select one of the European server, and click 'connect'.
Your IP has been changed to an European one after connect to the servers. Please noted that the online time is limited to about 20 minutes. You are allowed to use these free accounts three times a day. So take your time to unblock the game. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Rise of Incarnates launches at the start of July

Rise of Incarnates, a multiplayer free-to-play fighting video game, is set to be released on July 1, 2015. Some players may unable to get this game due to regional restriction. A VPN service can help to unlock the game, meanwhile, reduce ping in Rise of Incarnates.




After four years of development, Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced Rise of Incarnates will release at the start of next month. Rise of Incarnates is developed by the same staff that worked on the Soul, Tekken and Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. series, three major fighting game franchises of Bandai Namco. Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game features ground-breaking 2 vs. 2 gameplay. Players employ sharp reflexes, mental resolve, and strategic insight as they run, jump, and fly through 3D arenas, engaging in both close-quarters combat and long-range assaults.
Release Date: July 1, 2015
M for Mature: Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity, Strong Language
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maple Story 2 Tips: Nexon Korea Account, Downloading, Playing

On July 7 at 7PM, Nexon Korea's MapleStory 2 will be opened! The final test for MapleStory 2 online ends and the game received a lot of positive feedback. You are looking forward to participating in the full game. Meanwhile, you may meet some problems when struggling to create an account or having issues with playing the game. This article is about how to get a Nexon Korea account and how to download and play MapleStory 2.



Get a Nexon Korea account
Some of you may unable to create a Nexon Korea account. Don't worry. You can get a free Nexon Korea account via buy any of FlyVPN's packages.

Install Maplestory 2
1. Get to Maplestory2 home page.
2. Use your account to login. You may be redirected a 3rd time for Account Security, this page has 3 text boxes. Top is email, Mid is PW, Bottom is security code. Hit the pretty blue button to login finally and be redirected again to the home page.
If you are redirected to account verification page, ignore it. At the top right of your screen will be 2 grey words side by side. Click the Left one to go back to the Nexon Home Page. Scroll down and Find the MS2 button to go to the MS2 video page and hit the MS2 at the top left to get back to the home page.
3. After logging-in look at the GAME START button. Click the bottom third of the hexagon to be redirected to the Downloads page. Click download 01, not download 02. After hitting it a box will prompt with a wall of text followed by 2 circles and 2 buttons. This is the download confirm. Click the left circle to agree and the orange button to ok the download.
4. Proceed through the normal download functions your system has hitting all the runs' and yes' you do with a normal download until a pretty Maplestory 2 Box with a bunny girl appears.
5. Wink back at the bunny girl. o.~
6. At the bottom of this box is 4 buttons. 1 grey, 2 orange, and 1 blue. The 2nd button which is the LEFT orange button starts the glory. Click it and be patient... 
7. Once it is complete, the 1st button should turn green. Click it and be patient...
8. Now a NEXON GAME MANAGER box should prompt up. Hit the left button on the bottom with the checkmark in it. 
9. At this point you should have the installation box up with the cute maplestory 2 chibi's. Stare it with all your pent up hype and watch it tick by for what feels like a life time.
10. Once it completes it will change on its own and have a monitor looking thing with a blue check in the bottom left and blue button on the right. Click the blue button and the box will close. Installation done.

Playing the Game
Click Game Start. You may get an error. Click it and it will bring up another Verification prompt. There should be 2 options side-by-side. Click the left blue button.
A new prompt will appear. Near the middle of this box to the right of some blue text is a white button. Click it then click the pop up that should appear. The box will now change and you opted out of the verification process (becoming a 'Nexon Friend' from what my translation understood?). Click the blue button. IF the box doesn't close on its own just exit the box.
Log-out, important step or you'll just get endless errors which say relog.
Go through the tedious login again.
Click GAME START..... 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where can I download free musics

Due to copyright or some other reasons, most music streaming are premium. Especially, when you want to download the song, you have to pay for it. Today, I wanted to share a site for streaming music in China that I have been using almost every day. The site is QQ music. Most of its songs are free for download. QQ Music is only available for mainland Chinese residents. But a China VPN would satisfy your needs. 



QQ Music is a good choice to listen to music, to look up music, and the most important, it's one of the free to download providers. Can not imagine such a thing in Europe or North America! QQ Music is renowned for its vast number of songs, various kinds of song types, and multi languages. You can access it here: http://y.qq.com/. You will find QQ Music apps for windows, iOS, mac OS and Android systems from this site.
Nevertheless, you may find a Chinese IP is required to download musics from QQ Music. FlyVPN recently provides a free Chiese VPN account. Unlike its previous time limit free VPN accounts, this account do not set 20 minutes limitation. I have tested and find that we can use it the whole day for free. We can find 7 China servers in this free account from the image below.
Free China VPN account: musicfree
Password: flyvpn


Friday, June 19, 2015

How to start play Black Desert

This guide is for players who want to start play Black Desert, but don't know what exactly they need to process, or live outside of Japan. Read on and you will find almost everything from where to download, how to install, and how to make an account etc. 


What you need to get Black Desert up and running:
1. The full Black Desert game.
2. A Black Desert account.
3. Web Browser Installer Plugin.
4. English Patch.

1. The full Black Desert game.
Download BD Game Launcher Setup and Run Install installation from one of the link.
Official Link (1) : http://downtest3.black.game.daumserver.com/Game/BlackDesert/Install/BlackDesert_Setup.exe
Official Link (2) : http://install.black.gdn.gamecdn.net/gdn/daum_black/live/Game/BlackDesert/Install/BlackDesert_Setup.exe
Download Black Desert Game Setup (14.7mb) http://www.filedropper.com/blackdesertsetup_2
Download Black Desert Game Setup (Mirror) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/4628xzt8705yvlh/Black+Desert.exe

2. A Black Desert account.
Trying to run the game without a Daum account will run you into unable to download it. Making a Daum account allows you log into the official site and download the most recent, 14 MB Game setup file. 
You will need a KSSN ID to verify your Daum account. However, finding a KSSN ID can become very troubling to find for free online. Or use http://www.newgameway.com/ to make a Black Desert account. They will email you a verified account which you can edit the account information. It costs $10 for a Black Desert Account. 
After receiving Account information, log into http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum with your Daum account, and start game.

3. Web Browser Installer Plugin.
As the plugin is not chrome friendly, please use Firefox or Internet Explorer. After installing the Korean plugin, you will want to login and attempt to start up your game. However, most people will run into having their browser restarting itself with each attempt to start the game through the website. This error is the launcher attempting to update but cannot. You will have to fix the registry(regedit) files manually. Here is how to fix it.
If you're on 64-bit Windows:
1. Start -> Run -> type 'regedit' -> Enter
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\DaumGames
3. Double click Version and change it to 1, 0, 0, 4  
If you're on 32-bit Windows:
1. Start -> Run -> type “regedit” -> Enter
3. Double click Version and change it to 1, 0, 0, 4
Note: 1. Make sure you have set your directory files to your Black Desert folder where you have already downloaded the game, or else the game will try to redownload itself.
2. If you have yet to run into this browser error, you may ignore this. You may revert back to this if problems occur. Keep in mind, that you should double check your registry each time you reinstall the installer, the registry file may reset itself.

4. English Patch.
After Installing the game and verifying that you are able to make it to the Start Game screen with no problems. Close the game, and Download/Install the setup for this English patch. After installing the setup, you should have a program on your desktop called 'Black Desert Patcher.' You do not need to download/install into main BD folder, even if you keep the game on a different driver.
1. Open 'Black Desert Patcher'.
2. Choose which translation you would like to use.
3. Click 'Apply Patch'.
Download 'Official Website Link' English Patch - bnspatch.atomixro.com/BlackDesert/setup.exe
Download English Patch Mirror - 

VPN solution
The game will not come out until around mid 2016 for North America, so you may need a Japanese IP to unlock it. A VPN service will change your IP and allow you access to Black Desert. If you have problems with download authentications/starting, consider FlyVPN. It provides a free Black Desert account if you purchase one of their packages. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Get Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 early with a European IP

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is coming west in June. Koei Tecmo have confirmed it for a digital release across PS Vita and 3DS in Europe on June 24, and in North American on June 30. As the game will launch earlier in Europe, you can use a Europe VPN to unlock this game earlier.


Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 is the latest Chronicles entry which uses Samurai Warriors 4 as its base. It is a hack and slash video game developed by Omega Force and published by Tecmo Koei for the Nintendo 3DS. Launched in Japan last December, the game features over 50 military commanders and lets players experience both historical and scenarios.

Developer(s): Omega Force
Publisher(s): Koei
Release Date: Japan: December 4, 2014
European: June 24, 2015
United States: June 30, 2015
Genre: Hack and Slash
Game Modes: Single Player
Ratings: CERO
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita
Here's how to change your IP to a European IP:
1. Download a VPN Client under the recommended downloads. FlyVPN is frequently used, get the download link from http://www.flyvpn.com/download .
2. Once that's installed, run it. Login with your account. If you don't have a premium account, you can use their free VPN accounts.
3. You'll see a window with a server list. Pick a server in Europe, and connect it.
4. Then your IP would be changed to a European one.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to watch Wimbledon 2015 live online

The 2015 Wimbledon tennis tournament will take place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom, from 29 June to 12 July 2015. Wimbledon is a mere two weeks away, but you may unable go to the site to watch it. This article will list some TV channels that would broadcast the Championship.

You may need this tutorial: Wimbledon 2016 live online streaming guide: How to watch Wimbledon 2016 from everywhere?


The Wimbledon Championships is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and widely considered the most prestigious. It has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London since 1877. BBC TV (check How to unblock and watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?), Sky Sports TV, British Eurosport TV, BT Sport and ITV are major British live broadcasting channels. If you live outside of British, you will unable to watch their video contents, while, a UK VPN help you unblock geo-restrictions and allows you watch Wimbledon on line.
Some of you may new to VPN, you can resort to a user friendly app. FlyVPN provides a easy to setup app and offers British servers and more than 170 servers in different countries. As you have connected to a server in Britain and restart your browser, you will find yourself ready to watch those British sport channels from abroad in a few minutes. This is the tutorial for VPN configuration: http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial.



Below are some International Television Broadcasters:
Albania: Supersport
Austria: ORF Radio
Belgium: VRT, VRT Radio, VTM (VMMA), RTBF TV, RTBF Radio, RTL
Cyprus: Lumiere TV
Czech Rep: Novasports (ARQ), Czech Radio
Denmark: DR Radio, TV2
France: Canal+, RMC, RTL, Europe 1, Radio France
Georgia: GMG Georgia Sport
Germany: ARD Radio, Journal Euro
Greece: Nova (Grece & Cyprus)
Hungary: Digi Sport
Ireland: TG4
Israel: Sports Channel (Sport 5)
Italy: Sky Italia
Malta: Go Multiplus
Netherlands: Sport 1, NOS TV, BNR
Poland: Polsat, Polish Radio
Portugal: Sport TV, Digi Sport Romania
Russia: NTV Plus
Serbia: B92
Balkans: Sportklub/IKO
Spain: Prisa TV (Canal + /Sogecable), Onda Cero, Cadena Cope, Talk Radio Europe
Sweden: TV4 (C More)
Switzerland: SRG/SSR TV (includes RTS, RSI, SRF), SRG Radio (includes DRS, SR), Radio Chablais
Turkey: Media Eye
Australia: Fox Sports, Channel 7, Cross Court, Radio 2UE, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
China: Sohu TV
Japan: NHK, Gaora
Thailand: Quu FM Sport
Middle East: ADMC
South Africa: Supersport, SAFM
USA: ESPN, Tennis Channel, ABC Sports Radio, KFWB
Canada: TSN Canada
Latin America: ESPN Int

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MapleStory2 will official release next month

Hey guys, MapleStory 2 will official launch on July 7 at 7 PM, 2015. After waiting so long for the game, everyone will be able to play full game next month, not an open beta test. However, this is not a global release, it is for Korea only. A Korea VPN enables you play the game wherever you're living now.



MapleStory 2 is a free-to-play, 3D MMORPG that is being developed by Nsquare (a joint development team with members from Nexon and NCsoft). It is the sequel to the highly successful 2D MMORPG MapleStory, although its story takes place many years prior to the events of MapleStory. MapleStory 2 will have many familiar monsters from MapleStory, but it has its own unique gameplay and settings. MapleStory 2 team is putting a lot of emphasis on the users' point of view so they can make the best game possible.
You may wander play the game, but you are not in Korea right now, then you can stay calm and just read on. What I just described here is what most people would call a VPN connection. You will need to get yourself an IP address in Korea, and once you have that, you are ready to play MapleStory 2
Follow the steps to get a Korea IP:
Step 1: Please download FlyVPN Client from http://www.flyvpn.com/download .
Step 2: Input your FlyVPN account. If you haven't got an account yet, you can use free accounts from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. As the Korea servers are listed in free account 'vpnu', please use 'vpnu' and its password.
Step 3: After login, select 'Send All Traffic Via VPN' as traffic type.
Step 4: Click region tab 'Asia' and select Korea servers.
Step 5: Click 'Connect' button. 
Once this is done you connect to a server in Korea and once connected visit Nexon and play MapleStory 2 there. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

FlyVPN adds new Asian servers

FlyVPN recently updated their server network with several new Asian servers in Thailand, China, HongKong, Taiwan and Japan. There are more than 170 servers in my package, the shared IP package. If you are looking for an Asian IP, FlyVPN is without doubt our favorite VPN provider.

All the new added Asia VPN servers supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol. FlyVPN subscribers ordered the shared IP VPN package can use it now. They are available on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android Tablet, Android phones or other devices. All the server IPs are static IPs. 
With summer holiday coming, you may plan to travel abroad. The VPN service is of cause one of the travel necessity. You are able to watch your native channels online from outside your country, without getting the error message looking something like this 'sorry, the video is unavailable in your country'. As FlyVPN have quite a lot of IPs, meaning that there are hundreds of IP addresses waiting for you. FlyVPN is also useful when you are in free WiFi in hotel rooms and coffee bars. It protects you from suffering from people stealing our data, information or hacking our phones or laptops.

Friday, June 12, 2015

How to watch FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 online

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 is played cross Canada from 6 June to 5 July. It is the seventh FIFA Women's World Cup, the quadrennial international women's football world championship tournament. The 2015 tournament is using goal-line technology for the first time with the Hawk-Eye system. It is also the first Women's World Cup to be played on artificial turf.


Unlike in 2014, most channels don't broadcast all matches in FIFA Women's World Cup 2015. You have to swap between different TV channels to watch all the matches. If you want to watch videos from abroad, you will soon notice that there are some problems occuring. Most Channels have geo-restrictions on these videos. So, if you want to watch FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 online, then you simply need to do the following! 
The broadcast only is available in their local country, the way to get rid of the error message when you try to watch matches from abroad is to get yourself a VPN serviceFlyVPN provides more than 170 servers, which allows you swift from different IPs. You can get an account and configure their Client or App on your device. Or you can use their free VPN accountsThere are some most important channels for FIFA Women's World Cup 2015: BBC in UK, ZDF in Germany and TV4 in Sweden.
Find the schedules for Women's World Cup 2015 from http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/matches/index.html.



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition will be launched this month

The action-adventure hack and slash video game Devil May Cry 4 is back and better than ever, boasting new playable characters and game modes! Capcom announced that Devil May Cry 4 - Special Edition will be released on June 23, 2015. If you're in a zone that's among the earliest to enter into a new day, congratulations! If you're not, Steam won't allow you into it, even other players already playing it. However, VPN service enables you play it early.




Devil May Cry 4 is a smash-hit stylish action game. The game is the fourth installment to the Devil May Cry series. Devil May Cry 4 immerses gamers in a gothic supernatural world, where a new protagonist clashes with a familiar hero. 
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
New Zealand is in a time zone that first enter a new day. FlyVPN can help you bypass the regional block, tricking as if you are in New Zealand. The outside world will see only server's IP address and location - never yours. 
Steps to get free New Zealand VPN:
1. Head to FlyVPN Client download page http://www.flyvpn.com/download .
2. Install and run it. The second 'FlyVPN Pro' is recommended.
3. Login with their free VPN account 'vpnu', get its password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.
4. Connect to New Zealand server.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Configure Your Own VPN App for iOS

Setting up a VPN on iOS is a little complicated, especially when you need to input each IP address of servers. I find FlyVPN's Easy-to-Setup App for iOS and tested it. All we need to do is enter in some VPN settings. 
Step 1: Go to App Store find FlyVPN App. Link of FlyVPN App: http://itunes.apple.com/my/artist/flyvpn-inc./id976485092.
Step 2: Enter your FlyVPN account and login. Register one if you don't have a VPN account. You can have free test after getting a FlyVPN account.
Step 3: Click 'VPN Server', then click 'Batch Mode'. You will find there are some servers listed, choose any of them. 
Step 4: Click 'Setup all Selected' after choosing the servers.
Step 5: 'Install' and 'Done' the setup.
Step 6: Click the VPN Server you want to connect. Change VPN Status to 'On'.
Step 7: You are now connected to one of these servers.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Watch Sky GO Anywhere

Sky GO, Sky TV's mobile streaming service, enables subscribers to watch SkyTV programs through their laptop, iPad, iPod touch or smartphone when on the go. SkyTV customers can avail full featured service free by installing the Sky GO app on their devices. Sky Go may blocked at your region, a VPN service can bypass this geo-restrictions.


On demand content comprises sports highlights, latest news, movies and TV programs. Watch all 7 Sky Sports channels live on your device. Even more Sky Sports content is available on demand, including highlights, interviews and extended reports. 
Channels include Sky Living, Sky Sport, Sky News, Sky Movies, iTV, Watch, Fox, Alibi, TLC, MTV, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, FOOD, EuroSport, Animal Planet, Discovery, Star Plus, National Geographic Channel, Disney Channel and many more. What's more, the content available for download depends on your Sky TV subscription, plus it gives you simultaneous-login access on up to four devices. The website has a very innovative design and you can customize your subscription by adding channels and services to your package. 
FlyVPN is one of the most used VPN software. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, containing more than 170 servers located in different countries. You can have a free test about their service, swift among various IP addresses in minutes. Get their free accounts from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Get MotoGP 15 early

Are you fond of racing games? A racing video game, MotoGP 15 is going to be released for Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 19th June 2015. Though the game will be launched on the same day for different regions, New Zealand players can get it hours or days earlier. VPN service will be most useful for players living outside of New Zealand because of hours later play time, can get some 'time saving' from this. 



The new MotoGP15 is the third of the motorcycle racing series dedicated to the most adrenalin-charged championship in the world, it's developed by Milestone S.r.l.. MotoGP fans are gearing up for the release of the all-new video game MOTOGP 15 which has revolutionary features and the chance to play as two-wheeled legends from previous generations. Over 20 bike models divided into three classes: MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. You can also customise the appearance of your rider, altering variables including: Physical attributes, Race suits, Boots and Gloves. 40 different liveries, with official colour schemes that can be adapted to your own style.
To play MotoGP 15 hours early, you need to make the Internet and Steam believe that you are located in New Zealand. Steam will not ban for using a VPN. The only reason they will ban for you using a VPN is if you use it to get the game cheaper from another region or sometimes if you constantly switch your VPN location, Steam can lock your account since to Steam it appears like it has been accessed from a number of different countries in a short time span.

The earliest possible time is 00:00 NZT. FlyVPN offers a free NewZealand server. Follow the set up guide to install a VPN Client, http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial. Enter VPNU username and password, get free VPN account from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial. Choose New Zealand server, then click connect. Below is how to unlock the game with a NewZealand IP.
1. Start game download process. Let it download about 5 minutes while VPN Connection is on!
2. Don't worry about the connection speed. You can disconnect from VPN and let your own network download it then.
3. Connect to the VPN again at the end of download, appear as if you are in New Zealand.
4. Download finished.
When it's time to play:
1. Connect to New Zealand VPN server.
2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on. 

3. To get back to your actual region, alt-tab out of the game, and disconnect from the VPN.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Play Payday 2: Crimewave Edition days early with a VPN

Payday 2 : Crimewave Edition is scheduled to be launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 12th June in Europe, but on 16th June in the US. Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games. Looking at the deployment times for Payday 2 international launch, American players have to wait for more days to get the game. Fortunately, players can resort to Europe VPN to play it as earlier as Europeans do.



Payday 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op heist shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original Payday crew - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains. PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition brings the award-winning shooter to gamers with enhanced features and a stash of new bonus content, giving fans the ultimate PayDay experience. Two years after the events of the previous game, a reformed Payday Gang come to the Washington, D.C. area to heist. Put a crew together for the second entry in the thrilling heist shooter PayDay. Up to four friends co-operate on the hits and as the crew progresses the jobs become bigger, better and more rewarding.
The VPN service can change your IP to an European IP address, and make it possible to unlock this game at an earlier time, getting some 'time saving' from this. Someone may advance the playtime earlier by set the 'location' to European countries on Xbox One or PS4. But this way didn't work for all gamers. If you want to download some games from other countries, you can use FlyVPN. 
FlyVPN provides European servers, including France servers, Spain servers, Germany servers and UK servers etc. Some of its servers are available in their free accounts: http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online will launch on PS 4 and Xbox One

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game. Its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are going to be launched on June 9, 2015. But some players may face the problem of high ping. There is a very simple and effective solution for latency, and high ping, and it's VPN service.


Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, the game was released on April 4, 2014 for Microsoft Windows, OS X and on Steam on July 17, 2014. The Elder Scrolls Online had been in development for seven years before its release in 2014. It is a part of The Elder Scrolls action fantasy video game franchise, of which it is the first open-ended multiplayer installment. 
Explore dangerous caves and dungeons, embark upon adventurous quests across Tamriel, and engage in massive player versus player battles, where the victors reap the spoils of war. Whether you play with your friends or adventure alone, the game's combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics. 



When playing online games, there is one common beast that players dread facing no matter the game: the lag monster. High ping means sometimes it is hard to move in the game or shoot your enemies. Before the game server implement your directions, other players are move onto another situation, and you could not see. 
Then, what else can we do after getting the best internet connection? Connect to a high quality VPN software. The VPN brings a whole new level of online gaming to your computer. FlyVPN is one of the best game VPNs. It provides custom routing service, which is usually used to get lower ping in games.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Play Wander among the top earlist

Wander, a collaborative, non-combat game, is set for release on PS4 and Steam on June 4, 2015. It is focused on exploration and joy. You can enjoy Wander hours or days earlier and without increased latency because of VPN service


Wander is a narrative-focused massively multiplayer online game developed by Loki Davison and an independent team in Australia. Wander features a gorgeous landscape, large scale non-competitive play and immersive sound design to create a world like no other. Soar through the skies, swim the depths of the ocean, and explore the lush rainforest in Wander, the non-competitive explorative-based MMO. Life begins as a tree. As you explore, you begin to discover others in the the sprawling rainforest. Working together, you unlock new experiences, piece together the plot and enjoy the varied beauty that Wander has to offer. 
Due to the different time zone, Steam won't let European players get Wander the same time as News Zealanders unless you engage in some magic internet trickery. That's using FlyVPN to hide your IP and location. The outside world will see only server's IP address and location - never yours. 



Steps to get free NewZealand VPN:
1. Head to FlyVPN Client download page http://www.flyvpn.com/download
2. Install 'FlyVPN Lite', as you only need to use the free account to unlock the game.
3. Login with their free VPN account 'vpnu', get the password from http://www.flyvpn.com/freetrial.
4. Connect to the NewZealand server.

Instructions for download and play early:
1. Start game download process and let it download about 5 minutes while VPN Connection is on!
2. For fast download speed, lose VPN Connection, let your local network continues to download.
3. Connect to the VPN again at the end of download, appear as if you are in New Zealand.
4. Download finished!

Play early
1. Connect to New Zealand VPN server.
2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on. 
3. Close the game and VPN connection, but do not close the game site.