Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Configure Your Own VPN App for iOS

Setting up a VPN on iOS is a little complicated, especially when you need to input each IP address of servers. I find FlyVPN's Easy-to-Setup App for iOS and tested it. All we need to do is enter in some VPN settings. 
Step 1: Go to App Store find FlyVPN App. Link of FlyVPN App: http://itunes.apple.com/my/artist/flyvpn-inc./id976485092.
Step 2: Enter your FlyVPN account and login. Register one if you don't have a VPN account. You can have free test after getting a FlyVPN account.
Step 3: Click 'VPN Server', then click 'Batch Mode'. You will find there are some servers listed, choose any of them. 
Step 4: Click 'Setup all Selected' after choosing the servers.
Step 5: 'Install' and 'Done' the setup.
Step 6: Click the VPN Server you want to connect. Change VPN Status to 'On'.
Step 7: You are now connected to one of these servers.

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