Friday, November 28, 2014

Use VPN for Online Shopping on Black Friday

It’s Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day, also is a busy shopping day. Many people would have a day off work to shopping as many stores would have special offers. But remember to use a VPN service to secure the sensitive information.


It falls on the Friday after the fourth Thursday in November, and always be a holiday in US. Two most mentioned reasons cause why the day after Thanksgiving Day is called Black Friday. One is that the wheels of vehicles in heavy traffic on the day after Thanksgiving Day left many black markings on the road surface, leading to the term Black Friday. The other is that the term Black Friday comes from an old way of recording business accounts. Losses were recorded in red ink and profits in black ink. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, started making profits prior to Christmas. Many hoped to start showing a profit, marked in black ink, on the day after Thanksgiving Day.
Preparing for Christmas goods is a good option on Black Friday for lots of shops lower their prices on some presents, such as toys. Except Christmas goods, you can also shop for other items like cloths, cookware, decor and more at discounted prices. Most online shops provide special offers and launch a round of deals on their websites at 00.01 on Friday, last to the weekend. Those online retailers include Amazon, Ebay and Wal-Mart are good at securing sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, banking info, email addresses and physical addresses. What’s more, whenever you use unsecured connection like public wifi, these information are also accessed by someone.


Facing with such problems, get a VPN service is a wise choice. VPN seems to be the most dependable tool for online shopping safety. It will hide your IP address, which insure you remain anonymous when browsing or shopping online. FlyVPN is one of the most effective VPNs, it protects your privacy and ensure your online security. It offers free trial of their services, get the free VPN accounts from their test page. If you don't know how to use VPN, read on .

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Simultaneous Connections with One VPN Subscription

VPN has certainly made us surf the Internet without blocking. While, do you have multiple devices (such as in a company) that you want to connect to the VPN servers simultaneously, or you want to share the VPN account with a family or even a friend? I think most of us prefer to get VPN service that supports simultaneous connections on a single account.


Have you ever tried out connecting to your VPN on two separate devices simultaneously? Most VPN service can vary substantially according to the personal requirement. But please make sure that you are using a VPN connection allows all your devices. Also, it’s better to choose a VPN which offers bundle pricing and gives separate connections. The use of VPN is essential when where an Internet connection is accomplished. You get to unblock thousands of websites globally, all the video contents are within your reach regardless of your exact location, and your business communications becomes smoother and more affordable.
There is no doubt that FlyVPN can meet your needs. Each of its shared IP VPN plan account can establish 100 simultaneous connections, but the total cost would be multiplied by the number of devices. FlyVPN’s VPN service is capable with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Linux. What’s more, no impact on quality of service will occur. There is no bandwidth or traffic limits, regardless of the number of established connections. They feature unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, and provide excellent VPN software for desktop. It is a wonderful choice for all those of you in need of impeccable speed in VPN with more than a couple of devices running on VPN simultaneously.
It’s easy to setup on all your devices by following their VPN tutorials. But you have to setup on each of the devices, refer to .

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Watch Cross-Country World Cup 2014/2015 online

FIS Cross-Country World Cup 2014/2015, a multi-race tournament, will kick-off on 29 November 2014 in Kuusamo, Finland. The champion over the season for cross-country skiers ends on 15 March 2015 in Oslo, Norway. Do you want to watch all these events online even when you are not in any of this countries? Get hold of a VPN service to change your IP addresses.

The upcoming winter will feature many highlights including the ninth edition of the FIS Tour de Ski and FIS Nordic World Ski Championships between February 18th and March 1st in 2015 in Falun, Sweden. FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 is the biggest event for the season. This is the fourth time that the event is held there, having previously been held there in 1954, 1974 and 1993. In 1980, one World Ski Championship race was held there as well, to make up for its exclusion from the Olympic Games the same year.
This season the opening of the Tour will take place on the second weekend of competition in Lillehammer. The French venue of La Clusaz is back on the World Cup calendar after a two-year hiatus with a Skiathlon and a relay competition heading into the Christmas break. Seven competitions in nine days are scheduled for the 9th edition of the FIS Tour de Ski. The Tour will get under way on 3rd January in Oberstdorf, Germany with the traditional prologue starting everything off. The FIS Tour de Ski will conclude in Val di Fiemme, Italy as has become tradition with a mass start competition on 10th and the Final Climb on 11th January. The season will conclude in Scandinavia with the well-established program featuring Lahti, Drammen and Oslo hosting the traditional 30 km ladies and 50 km men in free technique.
An option to watch the Cross-Country World Cup can for sure to be the Sweden TV Channels. SVTPlay is one of the most popular Swedish channels. Some other sport events channels will broadcast the winter sports during the winter of 2014 and 2015, such as a Germany channel named ZDF. They normally broadcast all world cup races live online, and in addition they broadcast other sport events and TV shows. 
All you have to do to watch live of these Sport activities is to use the VPN services of FlyVPN to get yourself IP addresses of Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy and Russia etc. Once you have changed your IP address, you can open those channels to watch live broadcasts from all the world cup in cross country events online. FlyVPN’s shared IP plan contains more than 150 servers from different regions. You can get the IP addresses the moment you make the subscription. If you have any problem when configure their VPN, refer to the VPN tutorials.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to get a Luxembourg IP

Do you want to get a local IP address in Luxembourg to make all online services such as forums, video sites and game sites believe that you are located in Luxembourg? The best solution is resort to a Luxembourg VPN service.


It has been hard to get a Luxembourg IP address for a long time, because most VPN providers would rather offer servers in the United States or Europe, instead of adding servers in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is neither the most important nation nor the center of the earth, so less VPN providers and programs open their services in Luxembourg. However, about in March this year, FlyVPN added a server in Luxembourg. The server is in their shared IP plan, meaning that if you subscribe for their shared IP VPN service, you can get an IP of Luxembourg, and freely surf Luxembourg’s internet services at once.


Sign up an account to bypass geo-blocks and secure your online activities. Just a few steps after subscription to get that service. For windows users, all you need to do is download their VPN Client from the download page: . Run the program, input your username and password, connect to the Luxembourg server. You will get yourself a Luxembourg IP address within a few seconds, and you can test if it can unblock Luxembourg sites. For users who using other systems, you can refer to their configuration tutorials: . The shared IP subscription also include more than 150 servers of other countries. You will be able to connect to their servers no matter where you are. You can for example play Korea games, watch Netflix, or bypass school’s Internet restrictions as well.
They have a thirty day full refund policy, which is valid if you pay via PayPal or Payza. So it’s no need to worry about the servers’ performance. Go ahead and enjoy it!

Monday, November 24, 2014

What if Firefox can’t load when connected to VPN service?

Yesterday I met a problem, when I connect to the VPN service, the Mozilla Firefox can’t load any sites (but IE and Chrome can).
You may also meet such a problem when the wired connection showed a stable connection. If you browse the Internet via Firefox through the VPN server that is having connection problems, you will not be able to load websites. When this happens, Firefox may show a Server not found or Unable to connect error message. While, test other browsers, it seemed to be working fine. 
This article is about how to fix this problem. There are a few steps to change the proxy connection and this step by step tutorial will show you how:



1.Click the menu button at the right top of the window, and select ‘Options’ from the menu that slides out. An ‘Options’ window will pop up.
2.Select the ‘Advanced’ panel and then ‘Network’ tab. 
3.In the ‘Connection - configure how Firefox connects to the Internet’ section, click ‘Settings’.
4.Select the ‘Auto-detect proxy settings for this network’ radio button.
5.Once done, click the ‘OK’ button to save the changes. Back on the ‘Options’ box, click ‘OK’ again.
6.Restart your Firefox browser to see if it takes effect.
7.If you are still unable to visit any site via Firefox, restart the computer and then try again.
VPN enables a computer or Wi-Fi-enabled device to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. If you want to surf the Web anonymously, bypass the Internet censorship and unblock geo-restrictions, you need to use a VPN to mask your IP address. if you have any problem when setup VPN, please refer to the VPN tutorials.
Firefox will connect to the internet via the VPN service now. So you can unblock the restrictions and enjoy surfing the internet anonymously.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to unblock VUDU from outside USA

VUDU added PayPal to its payment methods. For most users, it’s convenient to pay via PayPal without inputting credit card information online. However, due to the Geo-block, VUDU is only available for US viewers. Are you currently living outside America? And tried to watch VUDU only to find out that you are not able to watch the programs? The USA VPN can change your ISP and make as if you are located in America.


VUDU, Inc. is a media technology company responsible for Vudu-branded interactive media services and devices. VUDU is a popular movie site, distributing full-length movies over the Internet to television in the US. It does this with a content delivery network that uses a hybrid peer-to-peer TV technology. 
Users are given the option of watching a selected movie now or watching it later. This process begins instantaneously while the user views the loaded portion of the movie, allowing for seamless viewing. Vudu began by only making its own set-top boxes (the Vudu Box and the Vudu XL), but Vudu now primarily markets its software as a Smart TV / Connected TV platform and VoD (Video on Demand) distribution service to third-party consumer electronics devices. Vudu is also available within PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, Roku devices (such as Roku 2/LT/HD/XD/XS, and the Roku 3) and select Android Tablets. 
VUDU uses something we know of as a geo-restriction to make sure that viewers outside of USA will not be able to watch its videos. After all you do not want to miss out on your favorite programs on VUDU. Here is a guide of how to unblock its content.
1. Download the FlyVPN Client on your pc or configure VPN on other devices according to the VPN setup tutorial.
2. Login with your register account. If you don’t have a paid account, you can use their free username and password. Get the free accounts from
3. Connect to a USA server. Check if your IP has been changed to a USA IP.
4. Subscribe the VUDU programs, even your credit card is a Spanish one. All you need to do is google a valid US zip code.
Among the newest collections of VUDU, you can find for example Guardians of the Galaxy, 22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Frozen, The Giver, Game of Thrones: Season 4, State of Affairs: Season 1, White Collar: Season 6, Sons of Anarchy: Season 7 and lots of other films and TV series.
Enjoy VUDU now!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unblock ABC Family live streaming with a US VPN

ABC Family is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by ABC Family Worldwide Inc.. The channel generally offers off-network syndicated reruns and original series, feature films and made-for-TV original movies, and some religious programming. Most of the featured series and movies aim at teenage girls and young women, contemporary and family-oriented programming are provided as well. It restricts the viewership of its programming to US only.


If you aren’t in the US, you won’t be able to watch ABC Family live stream and its programs, movies. You can access and watch ABC Family live shows with a US IP address. A US VPN cloaks your real IP address with one of its own and makes you eligible for live streaming. The VPN service is considered as one of the most safe and secure way to unblock the geo-restricted TV channels and programs from anywhere in the world. 
We suggest FlyVPN to watch ABC Family, as it offers within 30-day money back guarantee. What’s more, you could have free test three times every day. Just a few steps to watch ABC Family:
1.Download the VPN software from the FlyVPN Client page, install and run it. For mobile Mac or phones like Smartphones and tablets, there is no installation required but you do should configure the VPN service as per the instructions showed on VPN setup tutorial.
2.Start the VPN service by hitting the VPN icon or simply just click on Connect replacement for connect to the VPN service.
3.Login with your paid account or get the free username and password from free trial page.
4.Connect to one of the US server to unlock all ABC Family services.
5.Go to ABC Family website and visit different links to make sure that you can watch them without issues. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Watch Swedish TV in London

Whether you’re study in London, on a lengthy business trip to London, on an extended vacation, or maybe you’re just choosing to live in England for a while, you shouldn’t be forced to unable to watch Swedish TV. Want to watch Swedish TV online when you’re London - or just enjoy some of your favorite TV shows using online ‘catch-up’ channels?

Sweden VPN

It’s not as easy as you thought: the TV networks block their online videos to users from outside Sweden. Fortunately, the VPN can unblock these restrictions, which disguises your location to make it appear that your notebook, Mac or even your smart phone is in Sweden. The VPN reroutes all of your network traffic through the Swedish server, and you could surf throughout Sweden with a Swedish IP. FlyVPN’s Sweden VPN server will allow you to switch an UK IP address to a Sweden one, you can then watch the Swedish videos. 
By taking a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy Swedish TV from the UK.
1. Setup the VPN on your device by following the instruction of their VPN setup tutorials.
  For window system users, just download their VPN Client; for other operating systems devices, you need to follow up their instructions.
2. If you want to use their free trial account, just get the the username and password from their free trial page: .
3. Connect to the Sweden server.
4. After connection, you can watch Swedish TV now!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Watch Movistar TV on iPad from outside Spain

Movistar TV, previously Movistar Imagenio and Imagenio, is an IPTV service operated by Telefónica. It contains some international English-language channels, like BBC World News and CNN International. Movistar TV allows viewers to switch instantly from the dubbed Spanish versions of foreign-made programs to the original-language version for certain channels. This facility is available for many digital channels such as Calle 13, TCM, FOX and Disney Channel. But it’s only accessed by citizen living in Spain, Chile or Argentina due to the geo-restriction. For viewers who live outside of these regions, get hold of a Spain VPN can unblock Movistar TV.


The service was started as a commercial test pilot in the city of Alicante in 2001 and later extended to some major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona in April 2004. In 2013, Movistar Imagenio was rebranded to Movistar TV. I prefer to watch TV series from this site since the end of 2013. I use VPN service to change my IP, making it appears like I’m in Spain. Then I can watch videos on my iPad. Here is the guide of how I setup VPN on iPad (FlyVPN).
1.Register an account of .
2.Open “Safari” browser.
3.Input “” into browser. 
4.Input your FlyVPN Account and Password, and click “Login”.
5.Click “VPN Server” - find the Spain Server - click “Setup”.
   If you want to add some more VPN server, click “Batch Mode” to check some VPN servers you want to add, then click “Setup all Selected”.
6.Click “Install” - “Install Now” - “Done”.
7.Check the Spain VPN Server.
8.Change VPN Status to “On”.
9.Enjoy Movistar TV now!
Note: If you can’t visit, try

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

VPN for shooting games online for Asia Players

Shooting games online are favored by players as it often tests the player’s speed, reaction time and physical challenges. Players may also encounter tactical and exploration challenges, but these games first-and-foremost require high reaction speed and good hand–eye coordination. But most Asian players can’t access majority of those fantastic shooting games online, such as FEAR OL. VPN is a good solution for Asian players to unblock online shooting games or reduce the latency.



Shooter games are a sub-genre of action game. Generally, the purpose of a shooting game is to shoot opponents and proceed through missions without the player character dying. It includes many subgenres that have the commonality of focusing on the actions of the avatar using some sort of weapon. Usually this weapon is a gun, or some other long-range weapon. A common resource found in many shooter games is ammunition. FEAR OL, one of the shooting games, simulates combat from a first person perspective. 


I love online shooting games, but it seems most of them can’t be accessed in Asia region. So I resort to the VPN service, mostly use USA VPN, and sometimes use European VPN servers. FlyVPN provides perfect VPN service for Asian players to unblock the shooting games online. Go to have its VPN free test before making a subscription. America VPN servers and European VPN servers are provided in all the free accounts. Most of my online games always started from USA servers, because the majority of the games would be released in North America several days earlier than in other regions.
If you have any doubt of setup VPN, please refer to their VPN setup tutorials.
For VPN Trial Account, go to .

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Play Online Poker with Taiwan VPN

Want to try a particular online poker game? There are many options for playing online poker from Taiwan. If you live outside Taiwan, a Taiwan IP could allow you go to play Taiwan Online Poker. The best solution to get a Taiwan IP address is get hand of a Taiwan VPN server. FlyVPN has the Taiwan VPN service in its shared IP VPN, it also offers free Taiwan server in VPN Free Trial plan. 


Then how to get this free Taiwan server? Please follow up the steps below.
1.Go to the FlyVPN download page: and grab their Client, the ‘pro’ is recommended, as it has more functions.
2.Go to the its VPN trial page to obtain the free trial account username/password. Tanwan server is in ‘vpnu’, so don’t use the other username.
  Note: The trial account changes irregularly, so if the log-in details don’t work, the account has probably changed - refresh the trial page for the new password.
3.Click Asia, you will find the Taiwan server, then connect to this server. 
4.The connection causes you appear to Online Poker sites like you are in Taiwan, allowing you to unblock the game.
5.Experience the great poker action now! It’s your chance to perfect your skills and compete against other players.
If you would like to play Online Poker all the time, you need to make a subscription of VPN service. As the free account can be connected no more than one hour a day in total. Each user could use the free account three times per day, and each connection lasts no more than 30 minutes to my experience.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Watch Sport Events on from outside Italy

Rai is one of the leading TV channels in Italy. It contains different channels like RaiNews, RaiSport 1, RaiSport 2, Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rai4, Rai5 and Radio, broadcasting via digital terrestrial transmission and from several satellite and IPTV platforms. RAI - Radiotelevisione italiana S.p.A. is Italy’s national public broadcasting company, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


I like watch from this channel, because the Rai Sport channels offer most large sport events for free online, without any sort of subscription. While, when you try to watch the video from Rai TV, you would get a message like “The streaming of this content is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience.” As the geo-restriction, we can’t watch its sport championships. Fortunately, it is possible to watch their live streams online, but you need to have an Italian IP address to do so. The best way to get an Italy IP address it to use Italy VPN service. Signing up for a VPN service with Italy servers can allow you watch the fantastic contents from Rai TV. FlyVPN promotes a free account including the Italy server, you could have a test first. 


Below is the instruction of how to access Rai TV’s sport event videos from outside Italy.
Watch Rai TV from pc (windows system)
1.Go to to download the FlyVPN Client. I download FlyVPN Pro.
2.Install and run it.
3.Input the free account username (vpnc), and its relative password. Get the newest password from Trial VPN Service.
4.Connect to Italy server.
5.Go to, now you are able to watch its videos.

Watch Rai TV from iPad
1.Click “Setting” - “General” - “VPN” - “Add VPN Configuration...”.
2.Select “PPTP” tab.
3.Input “FlyVPN” into “Description” or whatever you like.
4.Enter “Server” provided by FlyVPN. Register an account to check their VPN server address.
5.Input “vpnc” as username and its password, refer to VPN trial page.
6.Click “Encryption Level”.
7.Check “Auto” and click “Add Configuration”.
8.Click “Save”.
9.Change VPN Status to “On”.
10.Now you can enjoy videos from

Friday, November 7, 2014

Unlock Escape Dead Island Early

Escape Dead Island is coming on November 18, 2014 in North America, then will be released on November 21 in Europe and November 20 in Australia area. It is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


Developed by Fatshark and published by Deep Silver, Escape Dead Island is a third-person mystery-action-adventure game set on the enigmatic island of Narapela during the zombie outbreak of Dead Island. Explore the quarantined island of Narapela and get to the bottom of the sinister zombie virus plaguing humanity in Escape Dead Island, a survival mystery game set in the Dead Island universe. 


For players living in Europe, the VPN allows you preload and unlock this game days early, playing the same time with Americans. All you need is an American VPN. The FlyVPN is recommended, as it offers free accounts every day. If you can do the following steps within its time limit, you could preload and access Escape Dead Island early for free.
1.Please note: Each of FlyVPN’s free connection lasts about 20 minutes, three times allows to connect per day. So make sure not to use up the free times before unlocking Escape Dead Island.
2.Go to to get the FlyVPN Client. Both of “Lite” and “Pro” version works.
3.Run and install the it.
4.Get the free account username and password from its VPN free trial page.
5.Connect to an American server, the server with less response time is recommended.
6.Start the game while VPN connection is on, and let it go all way into main menu.
7.Now you can play Escape Dead Island early, although the free VPN may disconnected due to the time limit.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Order the cheapest Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is an upcoming first-person action-adventure shooter video game for the PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles, and Microsoft Windows. The sequel to the 2012 video game Far Cry 3, it is the fourth installment in the Far Cry series. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, it will be released worldwide this month.
Far Cry 4 takes place in the fictional Himalayan region (most likely Nepal) named Kyrat. The player assumes the role of Ajay Ghale attempting to fulfill his mother's dying wish by spreading her Ashes in Kyrat. Ghale gets caught in the mists of a brutal civil war between The Golden Path and Pagan Min's Royal Army. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles, animals and wits, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape. 

Below is the price and release date of some countries from Origin:
Country       Release Date              Price
USA            November 17, 2014     $59.99
Canada       November 17, 2014     $59.99
Mexico        November 17, 2014     $39.99
Brazil          November 18, 2014     R$129.99 = $51.83
UK              November 18, 2014     £49.99 = $79.84
Spain          November 18, 2014     59,99 € = $75.01
Korea          November 18, 2014     ₩65,989 = $59.39
Japan         January 22, 2015         ¥ 7,128 = $62.01
Singapore   November 18, 2014     $74.9



Game Links: Official Site:
It seems the Mexicans would get the game earlier and at a lower price. Do you live in Europe or Asia? Using the Mexico VPN will allow you to play the game early and get it cheaper, you will gain access to the game at the same time Mexicans do. Here's how to unlock the game early and get a cheaper version by using a free VPN.
1. Go to the FlyVPN download page and grab their client, the "pro" download is recommended.
2. Run and install it.
3. Go to the free VPN trial page, then input the free trial account username/password. 
Note: The trial account password changes irregularly, so if the log-in details don't work, the password has probably changed - go to the trial page again to get the new password.
You can only use these free accounts three times a day, each time lasts about 20 minutes, so make sure don't use them up before unlock this Far Cry 4.
4. Connect to a Mexico server, this causes your connection to appear like you are in the Mexico, allowing you to unlock the game at the same time they do.
5. Go to, pre-order with your Mexico IP now.
If you prefer to order this game via an American IP, you could connect to the USA VPN server.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Play Assassin’s Creed Rogue early

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is going to be released in North America on November 11, 2014 and in Europe and Australasia on November 13, 2014, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Microsoft Windows version will be released in North America in 2015. For players who live in Europe or Australia, you could use VPN to get this game on November 11, two days earlier than get it in your own country. 

Assassin's Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed - Rogue is an upcoming historical action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Sofia and published by Ubisoft. Rogue is a different game to Assassin’s Creed Unity, which also launches on 14th November 2014 but for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It tells the story of how Shay becomes a Templar and fights against his former assassin brothers. The darkest chapter yet in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Assassin's Creed Rogue

Assassin's Creed Rogue

The VPN can change your IP, and make you play this game earlier. After connecting to an America server or a Canada VPN server, your IP would changed to those places, which will ensure you play Rogue the same time as North America players. FlyVPN contains more than 120 North America IPs. It's a professional game VPN provide I think, as it provides some tutorials of how to reduce high ping for playing games. I set the VPN according to its instructions, and the game latency reduced. I like its free test, convenient to use and help me to access a lot of blocked sites in my country.
For steps of set up VPN on Xbox 360 or PS3, refer to the VPN setup tutorial.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Play Assassin’s Creed: Unity earlier, saving $20

Assassin’s Creed Unity is coming on November 11th in America and Australia, November 13th in Europe, but will be released in Japan on December. What’s more, the price of some regions on Origin is different as well. A north America players can get it at $59.99, but a player from Mexico can order it at the price of $39.99. Let along players from Europe, they can get the game at €59.99. Japan players can access this game on December at the price of 7128JPY. 
Players living in Mexico are very lucky to order this game at a lower price. For those who live outside of Mexico, a free Mexico VPN can help you! FlyVPN provides free Mexico VPN server, so you can use its free account to get this game. Its Mexico VPN server is in account “vpnu”. For players who don't like to order this game with a Mexico IP, you are able to get it with IPs of other countries. Connecting to USA VPN servers or Canada VPN server could also help to get this game earlier than Europe and Japan players.

Assassin’s Creed- Unity(Mexico)

Steps of ordering Assassin’s Creed: Unity at $39.99
1. Setup FlyVPN on your device, please do as its tutorials:
2. Login with account “vpnu”, get its latest password from VPN free trial page.
3. Connect to the Mexico server.
4. Visit to purchase Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassin’s Creed- Unity(America)

Assassin’s Creed- Unity(Japan)

Assassin’s Creed Unity is a historical action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It’s a sandbox action adventure game, and a sequel to 2013’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Supported OS:
Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 (64-bit operating system required) 
Minimum: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or AMD Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.0 GHz
Recommended: Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz or better
Minimum: 6GB
Recommended: 8GB
Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (2 GB VRAM)
Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon R9 290X (3 GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Sound Card:
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers
DVD-ROM Drive:
Hard Drive Space:
50 GB available space
256 kbps or faster broadband connection
Additional Notes: 
Minimum: Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse required, optional controller
Recommended: Supported video cards at the time of release: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or better, GeForce GTX 700 series; AMD Radeon HD7970 or better, Radeon R9 200 series
Laptop versions of these cards may work but are NOT officially supported.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Watch my Favorite Films Coming on Netflix November

Netflix has a few original works coming out on November, plus movies you maybe mean to watch and more seasons of your favorite TV shows. 
If you live outside America, you may need an America VPN to access Netflix. It can hide your IP address, and change it to an America one or IPs of any country you want. Then how to get a USA VPN and a Netflix account, you could refer to my previous article - Watch Netflix from Abroad .
See which films will be adding to your list over this month!


Films on November
Available Nov. 1
Artifact (2012)
Babes In Toyland (1961)
Hell is for Heroes (1962)
Kingpin (1996)
The Rocketeer (1991)
Trading Mom (1994)
Spike (2008)
Total Recall (1990)

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)
Available Nov. 3

Altman (2014)
Director: Robert Altman
Available Nov. 4

Fading Gigalo (2014)
Middle-aged Fioravante and Murray are an unlikely gigolo and pimp in this farce about two cash-strapped friends who turn to the sex trade to make ends meet. Their new enterprise is fruitful, but things get complicated when romance enters the picture.
Available Nov. 5

Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty (2014) - Netflix Original
Available Nov. 6

Virunga (2014) - Netflix Original
Determined to protect the last population of Africa’s mountain gorillas, Congolese wildlife officials must contend not only with outlaw poachers but the effects of fierce combat between government forces and die-hard insurgent groups
Available Nov. 7

Louder Than Words (2014)
David Duchovny, Hope Davis, Timothy Hutton, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Adelaide Kane
After the unexpected death of their daughter, a couple, Stephanie and John Fareri, work to build a state of the art children’s hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process.
Available Nov. 8 

Nebraska (2013)
Director: Alexander Payne
Alexander Payne's Midwestern ditty — nominated for six Oscars, including ones for Bruce Dern and June Squibb — is surprisingly funny and warm. The first question at the Cannes press conference for Alexander Payne’s Nebraska was about why the director decided to shoot his comedy-drama in black and white. But after seeing the film, the choice makes more than a little sense. Payne doesn’t use black and white to make his movie grand. Quite the contrary, he uses the lack of color to illustrate his characters’ tiny, quiet existence. To paraphrase a line from Paul Simon, their lives are so common they practically disappear.
Available Nov. 8

Helix: Season 1 (2014)
Summoned to an Arctic research facility to investigate a possible outbreak, a team from the Centers for Disease Control makes a shocking discovery: The outpost is host to a previously unknown virus that could wipe out every human on the planet.
Available Nov. 10

Not Yet Begin the Flight (2012)
After his searing experiences as a pilot in the Vietnam War, retired Marine Eric Hastings turned to fly- fishing to help his personal healing process. As captured in this documentary, Hastings now offers the same solace to today’s wounded warriors.
Available Nov. 11

Director: Dustin Hoffman
This film about four retired opera singers who regroup in their old age is as brilliant and lovingly composed as the operatic pieces that soar through the background. In short, it leaves longing for an encore. In typical Hoffman style, the film tirelessly serves up the driest of humor. But he deserves one for wisdom, too. Quartet is authentic in how it wrestles with the pains of getting old and the inevitable disappointments, but it’s equally sincere in celebrating the joy of a life well lived and refusing to let age keep what one loves from slipping away. 
Available Nov. 11

Total Recall
Arnold plays Quaid, a construction worker dissatisfied with his mundane life and wishing for more excitement in his structured existence. Seeking a break from routine, he impulsively decides to visit a company that offers memory implants designed to provide clients with an exciting, dream-fufilling experience. No sooner has the procedure begun, then Quaid begins remembering that he’s actually a sleeper agent. Or is he? 
Available Nov. 11

La Bare (2014)
Director: Joe Manganiello
Available Nov. 12

Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats (2014) - Netflix Original
Chelsea Peretti “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Chelsea Peretti showcases her diverse talents in this dark yet silly reimagining of her comedy special.
Available Nov. 14

Doc Martin Series 6
Crippled by a sudden and inconvenient fear of blood, flashy surgeon Dr. Martin Ellingham abandons his bustling London practice and sets up shop as a country doctor in this medically minded British sitcom.
Available Nov. 15

Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014)
When an evil sorcerer captures the sultan’s first-born daughter, the fearless sailor Sinbad must traverse a hostile wasteland to bring her back. Danger lurks around every dune in the form of fantastical creatures and sinister magic.
Available Nov. 15

Sabotage (2014)
With Arnold Schwarzenegger lending his intimidating presence, this action drama tracks a crack team of DEA agents plotting their own heist. While they manage to make off with $10 million, the daring thieves are soon being knocked off one by one.
Available Nov. 19

Lilyhammer: Season 3 - Netflix Original
After testifying against the Mafia, ex-gangster Frank Tagliano enters witness protection and asks to be sent to Norway. Despite the peaceful surroundings, it’s not long before Frank strays from the straight and narrow.
Available Nov. 21 

Snowpiercer (2013)
Director: Bong Joon-ho
There is a sequence midway through Snowpiercer that perfectly articulates what makes Korean writer/director Bong Joon-ho among the most dynamic filmmakers currently working. Two armies engage in a no-holds-barred, slow motion-heavy action set piece. Metal clashes against metal, and characters slash through their opponents as if their bodies were made of butter. Based on a French graphic novel and set in a new ice age, this futuristic thriller stars a top-notch ensemble cast.
Available Nov. 22

Ida (2014)
Raised in a Catholic orphanage during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Anna is poised to join the order when she learns she has a surviving aunt. But visiting the woman before taking her vows uncovers some inconvenient truths about her heritage.
Available Nov. 22

Nikita: Season 4
Nikita is one of the most highly skilled assassins on the planet, and her target is the mysterious corporation that created her. The Division, as it’s known, picks up at-risk teens to train as killers, and Nikita will do anything to bring it down.
Available Nov. 22

Happy Christmas
Director: Joe Swanberg
It’s about a girl (Anna Kendrick) who's kind of a mess and goes to live with her sister Lena Dunham and Melanie Lynskey costar. Writer-director Joe Swanberg’s latest is agreeably loose-limbed, touching on family and the crucial differences between people in their 20s and their 30s. And although it lacks a great thematic hook like Swanberg’s recent Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas still boasts plenty of modest pleasures thanks to its gentle observations and likable manner.
Available Nov. 23

War Story (2014)
After being held hostage in Libya, a war photographer struggles to cope with PTSD and takes some time off to heal in Sicily, where she tries to help a Tunisian immigrant who desperately needs an abortion.
Available Nov. 25

Bomb Girls: Season 3
Focusing on a group of women working in a Canadian munitions factory during World War II, this ensemble drama depicts the dangers and new experiences they face. While drawn from diverse backgrounds, the women soon form strong bonds with their peers.
Available Nov. 26

VeggieTales in the House (2014) - Netflix Original
The beloved faith-based brand hits the small screen with a fresh new look and all-new adventures. Join Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and all their veggie friends as they explore new areas of their wondrous house while singing catchy, original songs included in each episode. Perfect for young families, this laugh-out-loud comedy seamlessly weaves good moral values into each episode in a fun, exciting way for Veggie lovers of all ages.
Available Nov. 26

The One I Love
Director: Charlie McDowell
The One I Love, a comedy-drama, gives playful yet thoughtful treatment of issues of trust and fading passion in marriage. Strong performances from Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are the highlight of a movie that may make married people nod in recognition but also shudder a little, too. 
Available Nov. 29