Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to get a Luxembourg IP

Do you want to get a local IP address in Luxembourg to make all online services such as forums, video sites and game sites believe that you are located in Luxembourg? The best solution is resort to a Luxembourg VPN service.


It has been hard to get a Luxembourg IP address for a long time, because most VPN providers would rather offer servers in the United States or Europe, instead of adding servers in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is neither the most important nation nor the center of the earth, so less VPN providers and programs open their services in Luxembourg. However, about in March this year, FlyVPN added a server in Luxembourg. The server is in their shared IP plan, meaning that if you subscribe for their shared IP VPN service, you can get an IP of Luxembourg, and freely surf Luxembourg’s internet services at once.


Sign up an account to bypass geo-blocks and secure your online activities. Just a few steps after subscription to get that service. For windows users, all you need to do is download their VPN Client from the download page: http://www.flyvpn.com/download . Run the program, input your username and password, connect to the Luxembourg server. You will get yourself a Luxembourg IP address within a few seconds, and you can test if it can unblock Luxembourg sites. For users who using other systems, you can refer to their configuration tutorials: http://www.flyvpn.com/tutorial . The shared IP subscription also include more than 150 servers of other countries. You will be able to connect to their servers no matter where you are. You can for example play Korea games, watch Netflix, or bypass school’s Internet restrictions as well.
They have a thirty day full refund policy, which is valid if you pay via PayPal or Payza. So it’s no need to worry about the servers’ performance. Go ahead and enjoy it!

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