Friday, November 7, 2014

Unlock Escape Dead Island Early

Escape Dead Island is coming on November 18, 2014 in North America, then will be released on November 21 in Europe and November 20 in Australia area. It is available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


Developed by Fatshark and published by Deep Silver, Escape Dead Island is a third-person mystery-action-adventure game set on the enigmatic island of Narapela during the zombie outbreak of Dead Island. Explore the quarantined island of Narapela and get to the bottom of the sinister zombie virus plaguing humanity in Escape Dead Island, a survival mystery game set in the Dead Island universe. 


For players living in Europe, the VPN allows you preload and unlock this game days early, playing the same time with Americans. All you need is an American VPN. The FlyVPN is recommended, as it offers free accounts every day. If you can do the following steps within its time limit, you could preload and access Escape Dead Island early for free.
1.Please note: Each of FlyVPN’s free connection lasts about 20 minutes, three times allows to connect per day. So make sure not to use up the free times before unlocking Escape Dead Island.
2.Go to to get the FlyVPN Client. Both of “Lite” and “Pro” version works.
3.Run and install the it.
4.Get the free account username and password from its VPN free trial page.
5.Connect to an American server, the server with less response time is recommended.
6.Start the game while VPN connection is on, and let it go all way into main menu.
7.Now you can play Escape Dead Island early, although the free VPN may disconnected due to the time limit.

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