Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to save money on flight tickets

Most of us may try to find the best deals hotels and tickets before traveling. Sure, there are good travel websites or agents might save you a few bucks. But using a VPN service is the easy and good way to save money for your business and leisure trips.


Sometimes the ticket prices go up by a hundred bucks, or those awesome tickets you found were just sold out before you had the time to click Book. The most probable reason is that they're trying to make you act fast, before the prices rise even more. Read and get a simple way to save money on your Flight Tickets.

Flight tickets prices vary by location and search times

If you were to book your flight from Brazil rather than the US, it would save a lot! Because flights are sometimes pretty cheap from Brazilian sites. For example, first use an American IP to search for flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne (MEL), and I was quoted US$1842. Then, simply changed my IP by connecting to a Brazil VPN server, and did the exact same search, it saves around US$475. 

Because you typically keep the same IP address for long periods of time and likely perform searches that personally identify yourself. When you search for the same flight for several times in a few days, the travel sites would increase the price of the same ticket.

How travel companies know your location

Travel websites can detect your location via your IP Address, Cookies and Geo-Location coding on websites. An Internet Protocol (IP) address is essentially your unique "address" on the internet, telling websites where you are located. Cookies are part of the reason that prices change specifically for you. As the travel sites sense that you're doing several searches for the same query, they simply increase the flight’s price. With HTML5 coding, websites can track your location even on your computer. 

How to save money by using VPN

Your IP address and geo-location would be hide and changed after connecting to a VPN. All data would went through a special tunnel when you visit the travel sites. With VPN, you get a new IP address from another location, so the travel website can't see where you're truly located! Since you use a VPN to connect to the internet, the websites you visit can only see the address of the VPN proxy server that you are connected to instead of seeing your true IP address. If you are new to VPN or don't have VPN account, read on VPN turorials.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

YouTube Red may replace Music Key

An update to YouTube app includes a new product called YouTube Red. The service enables background playback, this feature has long been restricted to YouTube Music Key subscribers. Google will host a major event on September 29, to launch new Nexus phones and an updated Chromecast. We may hear some information about YouTube Red then.

The new branding only seems to show up as a notification blurb when you leave a video playing in the background as you switch to another app, or as a pop-up when you try to re-entering YouTube through certain means. You must have a fresh install of the Android app for it to work, and it still refers to the service as YouTube Music Key throughout other parts of the software and in documentation. It's still possible YouTube Red will be more than a simple rebranding – the name change hints at a broader set of features for more than just music. The screenshots below show the text in use.

YouTube RedYouTube Red

It has been nearly a year since YouTube launched its own music-focused subscription service called Music Key, containing Background Playback, No Ads, Offline Viewing, and More. In the meantime, Google quietly renamed Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Unlimited. Now it looks like Google is about to bestow a similar rebranding on Music Key, turning it into "YouTube Red." Compared to its competitors like Spotify, Rdio or Apple MusicYouTube Music Key is an unnecessarily long name.

Currently, Music Key allows you to save videos for offline playback and listen to them in the background on mobile devices, while also providing all the features unlimited Google Play Music subscription. If you are unable to get the service due to regional restriction or government censorship, a VPN service is the best and most used methods to access YouTube music or videos. VPNs allow users to spoof their physical location - the user's actual IP address is replaced by VPN provider - allowing them to bypass content filters. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chrome extension make your Facebook friends walk track your real life

We all know Facebook Messenger enables users to share their location. Your geographic locations are easy to be tracked by Chrome extension - Marauders Map. Even a stranger can know your exact location and privacy.


Marauders Map, named after the magical map in Harry Potter, was a Chrome extension that helped Facebook users track the exact location of their friends at any given moment, anywhere, anytime. It track a person's geographic location within a meter's accuracy. That's it can track you to a specific room, and your every move, easy to detect your actionIt's important to note Facebook changed its geo-location terms shortly after Marauders Map was released.

This extension could track a user's location so accurately is scary. And the fact that you could be tracked by people who are a stranger to you. Facebook is not the only social media platform that has been used to spy on its users. The so-called "anonymous" social media app Whisper shared the location of its users with the Pentagon. FourSquare was found to track its users even when the app was turned off; and Instagram, with its "Name This Location" feature, automatically geotagged photos even if you didn't ask it to.

From the above incidents, we should know that social media companies do very little to protect your privacy. Instead, it's as if they see your private information as just another statistic to share with other companies. It's why smartphones and tablets come with location services enabled by default, why apps automatically geotag your stuff, and why businesses look at a user's geographic location.

You'd better turn your location settings off. A proxy or VPN would be a good solution on online privacy. Once connected to a VPN, all your data is encrypted and indecipherable, so you won't have to worry about passwords and other sensitive information being intercepted.
By hiding your IP address and location, VPNs makes it harder for third party sites and services to charge different prices or display targetted advertising based on location.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Google may return to China with a censored Google Play Android app store

Will Google return to China soon? According to The Information, talks between Google and Chinese government officials are underway with the hope of launching a Google Play Store in China this autumn.


Google is blocked in China
Back in 2010, Google cut operational ties with mainland China over concerns of cyberattacks and surveillance. Currently, Google’s products do not have much reach in China, as the services are not officially available. Great Firewall of China made all of Google’s services are barred or slowed. The most used method for Chinese users is using a VPN service to get access to the Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps and the main site. 

Google VS Apple
Apple is already there with phones and an app store, after all, and China is expected to become its dominant market. While the Android operating system is hugely popular in China, very few devices have Google Play Store installed but, of course, if things go according to plan a censored Google Play Android app store would generate massive revenue for Google, providing them with a large slice of the billion dollar pie, which Apple already enjoys.

Google cooperates with Chinese copnanies
The Information reports that Google will lean heavily on partners, possibly such as Huawei, to include the Play Store with phones sold throughout China. Some devices available in China, such as those from Huawei Technologies and Samsung Electronics, officially use Google's software already. The Play Store version that would run in China will apparently only work on Android Marshmallow, according to the report. 

Censored Google app store
However, if Google does re-enter the Chinese market it won't be Google Store as we know it. It will be a Chinese government-approved version – a censored Google app store. The Information reports that Google will have to agree to block apps that the Chinese government doesn't want within the country, meaning that Google will have to go back to censoring content for China.

How to change IP & avoid censorship
The China version of the Google Play store will reportedly be under different constraints than its U.S. Chinese users will continue to be affected by China's strict censorship laws, they need a VPN to change IP to avoid the censorship. The VPN not only protects online identity from snooping eyes, but to access your favourite sites and services which are often blocked by the Chinese government.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to watch live English Barclays Premier League matches

The Barclays Premier League reaches its climax as top teams compete for the ultimate prize in English football. Here is everything you need to watch the Barclays Premier League matches online. You may want to watch live English Barclays Premier League matches. This article will list some TV channels that broadcast English Barclays Premier League, and how to unblock these regional blocked channels.

Broadcasters for English Premier League
United StatesNBC Sports
IndiaStar Sports
AustraliaFox Sports Australia
United KingdomSky Sports
Middle EastbeIN Sports
North & South AfricaSuper Sport


EPL Match of the Week – Watch Manchester United vs. Liverpool Live
The greatest rivalry in English football returns to Old Trafford on Saturday 12th September after a soothing International break. With both teams out of form and praying for a upheaval in form this will be the best opportunity for talents from both sides to shine.
Anthon Marshall will make his inaugural debut in the Premier League while Danny Ings will make his first start for Liverpool. Get behind your teams, feel the electricity of the EPL season as you impatiently wait to see your favorite players clash for the most prestigious prize in English football.

Which VPN to choose
All these online channels are restricted to certain regions or countries. Only native people can watch their contents. VPN service can enable you own a native IP. FlyVPN is a stable VPN provide servers in almost all the regions you need. No more annoying messages about content not being available from your area. Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, NBC Sports, Star Sports and many more services whenever and wherever you are. I use their common package, about 6.7$ each month, able to connect all servers I need. Get rid of lags or disconnection when watch streaming online.