Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to save money on flight tickets

Most of us may try to find the best deals hotels and tickets before traveling. Sure, there are good travel websites or agents might save you a few bucks. But using a VPN service is the easy and good way to save money for your business and leisure trips.


Sometimes the ticket prices go up by a hundred bucks, or those awesome tickets you found were just sold out before you had the time to click Book. The most probable reason is that they're trying to make you act fast, before the prices rise even more. Read and get a simple way to save money on your Flight Tickets.

Flight tickets prices vary by location and search times

If you were to book your flight from Brazil rather than the US, it would save a lot! Because flights are sometimes pretty cheap from Brazilian sites. For example, first use an American IP to search for flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne (MEL), and I was quoted US$1842. Then, simply changed my IP by connecting to a Brazil VPN server, and did the exact same search, it saves around US$475. 

Because you typically keep the same IP address for long periods of time and likely perform searches that personally identify yourself. When you search for the same flight for several times in a few days, the travel sites would increase the price of the same ticket.

How travel companies know your location

Travel websites can detect your location via your IP Address, Cookies and Geo-Location coding on websites. An Internet Protocol (IP) address is essentially your unique "address" on the internet, telling websites where you are located. Cookies are part of the reason that prices change specifically for you. As the travel sites sense that you're doing several searches for the same query, they simply increase the flight’s price. With HTML5 coding, websites can track your location even on your computer. 

How to save money by using VPN

Your IP address and geo-location would be hide and changed after connecting to a VPN. All data would went through a special tunnel when you visit the travel sites. With VPN, you get a new IP address from another location, so the travel website can't see where you're truly located! Since you use a VPN to connect to the internet, the websites you visit can only see the address of the VPN proxy server that you are connected to instead of seeing your true IP address. If you are new to VPN or don't have VPN account, read on VPN turorials.


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