Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to bypass Badoo IP block

Badoo is a popular social networking service focused on dating, allowing users to meet new people. It works on both computers and mobiles. Users can chat, make friends and share interests wherever they go, whenever they want. Badoo operates in 180 countries and is most popular in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France. But you may meet a problem that Badoo block your account, even you create a new account, they also block it. It is possible that Badoo put a block on your IP address. You can use a special program - free VPN change your IP address to fix the problem.


Why my Badoo account blocked

Users who do something against Badoo's terms would be block. You will find not only your Badoo account blocked, also can't create new account. That's because Badoo blocked your IP address.

Besides, Badoo comes with a geographic block feature which can detect the users' location based on the IP address. It is blocked in many countries, especially on Middle East. Users in UAE (Dubai), Oman, Saudi Arabia, and others blocked countries need to change locations appear to the site/app.

How to solve the above Badoo block

Download and install a free VPN, and connect to a free FlyVPN server. Once you have it installed try creating a Badoo account using the VPN. When you receive vpn data, you can get different IP, and make a new login from your device. If your IP blocked and need to create a new account, make sure you register with a different email address and of course a different user name. All of the information different would be the best.

Apart from help solve the Badoo IP block problem, use a VPN reduces security threats when access social media site Badoo. When you sharing and uploading of personal photos and videos on Badoo, a VPN ensures reliable connection for the transfer of data without being hacked. A VPN service does all the encryption and decryption tasks on your behalf, making internet surfing easier.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to watch Sling on Amazon Fire outside US

Sling TV is a live TV service that allows subscribers to watch different channels, including basic cable staples like ESPN, AMC, Disney Channel, TNT, History and HGTV. Sling TV offers high quality movies and the latest episodes for popular TV shows. After subscribe to one of their packages, you are allowed to watch any of their program in the package without paying extra money. While Sling TV service is only accessible in US, it blocks you from watching any of its videos if it detects that you are outside US. US VPN is a good tool to get around the geographic restrictions.

sling tv

When it comes to the Internet there are something called geographical blocks that TV stations and channels. Sling TV would automatically check your location based on your IP address when you open Sling TV player. It only allows American IPs to view its TVs. Such an IP address can be a real treasure to people who want to watch their favorite TV shows while living outside USA. 

Get a sad message telling you that Sling TV is not available in your area yet? For viewers who living outside of US, you need to get rid of the region limit first. Free VPN app is quite simply the best possible way for you to access blocked or restricted content. Below I will give a guide about watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire outside USSling TV can be watched on Smart TVs, phones, tablets, Xbox one, laptops and computers. If you prefer to watch Sling TV on iPad, Android phones or other Android tablets, read on the free VPN setup tutorials.
  1. Download Sling TV app for Amazon Fire.
  2. Download free USA VPN app for Android. It is an application which enables to unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire
  3. Register a FlyVPN account. There will be 14 days free membership in your account.
  4. Connect to one of the free USA VPN server, the ip will be changed to usa ip.
  5. Now view Sling TV on Amazon Fire.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

T-Mobile is throttling video traffic? How to avoid throttling?

Last month, T-Mobile's announced 'Binge On' program, a free video streaming service that doesn't use up our data. The program currently supports the following platforms: HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Sling,Fox Sports, and with more to follow. While YouTube refuses to make itself available to this program because it throttling video services and degrades video quality.

Bing On reduces data charges, meanwhile, it throttling video traffic as well. Binge On is active by default for all T-Mobile customers, and must be manually turned off. If a T-Mobile customer opts out of Binge On, all video will count against their data plan. Customers don't have granular control over which services they want to use for Binge On, either.

traffic throttling

How ISP throttle traffic?

T-Mobile has made some big changes in the last few years, but the way it manages data caps has worried some net neutrality advocates. It's common that ISPs throttle and cap internet for customers. ISPs have access to all your traffic, able to track all the websites you visit, all the files you download, and all the movies you stream. They sort it based on the type of data and the ports used to access the data. Then these ports can be automatically assigned to be throttled.
ISP commonly throttle:
  • Video Streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube
  • Online Gaming and MMRPG
  • File-sharing software and BitTorrent

How to prevent Data throttling?

  • The easiest way to prevent traffic throttling is connect to another Internet tunnel - VPN. It will encript all the data and send them through another tunnel, which will prevent your internet provider from being able to read your internet traffic.
  • Another way is to keenly monitor your data usage. Find out exactly how much your data plan provides. Android 4.0 and above already features a data usage monitor offering several ways to track data usage. Apple iOS also offers a way, albeit not very useful, to monitor your data usage by going to - Settings - General - Usage - Cellular Usage. 
  • Root Your Android Device, Modify the ROM & Delete the "Throttle Services" Files.
  • Activate Chrome browser's data compression, go to Settings - Bandwidth Management - Reduce data usage. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Where to watch the previous Star Wars movies before The Force Awakens

The premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens took place on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. A half-mile section of Hollywood Boulevard was closed to traffic for event of this highly anticipated film. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not available online for streaming in a legitimate capacity now. So before it comes, it's perfect to revisit the classic Star Wars movies. While, Star Wars movies are not available on Netflix or Hulu. Then where can I watch Star Wars?

The Force Awakens, the seventh Star Wars movie, focuses on a young woman, Rey, as she becomes entwined with efforts - led by General Leia, no longer a princess - to locate a vanished Luke Skywalker and generally save the galaxy from evil combatants called the First Order. The Classic Trilogy featuring A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Disney now owns Star Wars but has been keeping the streaming rights close to the vest. There isn't a legitimate service yet that has access to the original Star Wars Trilogy streaming online. Star Wars Rebels is available to stream on DisneyXD's Site and App. Or you can purchase the Star Wars DVDs or Blu-Rays to eliminate the need for streaming. Purchase this set from Amazon in a bundle for under a hundred bucks or so. You can get all six films in high definition in the "Digital Movie Collection" from Google Play Movies and Amazon Movies, or on iTunes

Or you can do a bit of legwork to download and watch it. You can download the Despecialized Edition from By far the easiest way to obtain the previous movie is through BitTorrent. Just visit your favorite BitTorrent search engine (like and search for "star wars despecialized edition". You'll probably find quite a few options. Remember to use a VPN to keep yourself anonymous when you download. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where can I watch Game of Thrones season 1-5 for free

The Game of Thrones season 6 will hit TV screens on April 2016. HBO has treated fans to their first glimpse of the new series of Game of Thrones – but the footage only amounts to a few seconds, gaving away little about what will happen in Westeros come April. While, Game of Thrones season 1 to season 5 are available now. To watch its full episodes for free, go to Tencent QQ Video.

About Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama TV series created by showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. Following a substantial increase in audience figures between the third and fourth seasons. The fifth and sixth seasons were commissioned simultaneously, the first time HBO has done so for a major drama series.

About Tencent QQ Video

QQ Video is owned by China's biggest web company Tencent. Packed full of legit and fully licensed movies and TV shows from across the globe to watch, on-demand, and all the Videos are free. QQ Media Player software is a free application that helps you play videos, movies and music, snapshot video as digital images, converting video and music, play 3D movies and convert the normal 2D movies to 3D movies in one click. If you don't want to use its player, you can watch TV for free on QQ video's website.

How can I watch Game of Thrones on Tencent QQ Video

Game of Thrones

Open, search Game of Thrones, you will find the full episodes of Game of Thrones from season 1 to season 5. All the videos are free. What's more, you can watch the videos without Tencent QQ account.

How to fix the geo-restrict error

Game of Thrones

You may meet the above error when view Game of Thrones, it means the video is unavailable in your region. As Tencent QQ Video can only be viewed in China, the easiest way is to use a China VPN to give you a China IP. The VPN is to ensure you that you will get great speeds and a total pleasure as you watch videos on Tencent QQ Video from outside China.

Game of Thrones QQ video

If you haven't own a VPN, we recommend subscribe FlyVPN. It contains Chinese servers located in different provinces, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian etc. All you need to do is download their VPN Client, then enter your account to choose servers. Once you have successfully connect to their Chinese VPN server, you should now be eligible to watch every Game of Thrones episode. You can use their free VPN account or wait for their Christmas VPN discount start from next week.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to prevent cyber crime

UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) launched a new campaign aimed at cutting cyber crime, especially amongst young people. It means to warn teen about the dangers of hacking and using online tools for cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, this campaign educates parents about the dangers of cyber crime after analysis of hacking investigations found the average age of suspects to be 17-years-old  from the past year.

One of the common forms of cyber-crime is distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can knock out websites by flooding them with data. Younger hackers have also increasingly used software called Remote Access Trojans (RATs) that allow people to remotely monitor and take full control of another computer. 

Warning signs of cyber crime listed by NCA
  • Is your child spending all of their time online?
  • Are they interested in coding? Do they have independent learning material on computing?
  • Do they have irregular sleeping patterns?
  • Do they get an income from their online activities, do you know why and how?
  • Are they resistant when asked what they do online?
  • Do they use the full data allowance on the home broadband?
  • Have they become more socially isolated?
According to the signs, we're basically all cyber criminals. I think the things teens would do on the Web is overshare on Twitter and Facebook, post on Instagram, text and listen to EDM on Spotify or play Star Wars: Battlefront.

We understand the risks associated with cyber crimes. Then how to prevent cyber crimes around us? A VPN stops websites or hackers spying on you by hiding data that could identify you. It's important to connect to VPN when you connect to the Internet from a hotel room, even over a wired connection. Your data stream can be captured by any other user of that network. If you haven't own a VPN, you can wait for Xmas VPN deals.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Where can I watch NBA Christmas Day games online

The NBA gifts several games to fans on Christmas Day. Christmas is to the NBA what Thanksgiving is to the NFL. It seems be a tradition since 1947. This year will be no different. The NBA will be broadcast on TNT, ESPN, ABC, NBA TV and NBA on ESPN Radio for the 2015-16 regular season. Due to copyright or some other reasons, these online TV channels always set geographic limit. So they only broadcast in America. If you are unable to watch their online contents, use a USA VPN to switch IP address and get rid of IP block. 

NBA Christmas Day games

NBA's biggest names and brightest stars always rolls out on Christmas Day. The league's schedule for the holiday on Dec. 25 is stacked as usual, peppered with familiar faces and some new matchups that look enticing on paper. But you may be busy at some other things, while with so many games coming, which matches to watch? Well let us rank 5 of the 2015 NBA Christmas Day games.
  1. Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors, 5:00 PM EST (ABC)
  2. Chicago Bulls at Oklahoma City Thunder, 2:30 PM EST (ABC)
  3. New Orleans Pelicans at Miami Heat, 12:00 PM EST (ESPN)
  4. San Antonio Spurs at Houston Rockets, 8:00 PM EST (ESPN)
  5. Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers, 10:30 PM EST (ESPN) and the NBA app provide day-by-day and team-by-team schedules. And the NBA on TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV will present flexible scheduling throughout the regular season. ESPN will broadcast 38 games on Wednesdays and 31 on Fridays, also available on WatchESPN. TNT will televise All-Star weekend from Toronto Feb. 12-14, as well as 18 Thursday night doubleheaders. ABC will exclusively broadcast the NBA Finals in June. TNT will show the Western Conference finals and ESPN the Eastern Conference finals.

Don't know how to get access to this TV channels online? Check some guides:
Watch ESPN live streaming from anywhere
Unblock ABC live streaming with a US VPN

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How can I watch The Walking Dead from outside of USA

The Walking Dead, an American horror drama TV series, is created by horror master Frank Darabont, based on Robert Kirman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard's comic book series of the same name. The long awaited mid-season finale for The Walking Dead season 6 is finally here. It began in October 2015, and will run until March 2016. To watch The Walking Dead 6, you need a USA VPN to mask your IP address.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

About The Walking Dead

The drama portrays life in the weeks and months following a zombie apocalypse. Although The Walking Dead is obviously a show about zombies, the characters never refer to them as such. They call them walkers, or biters, or simply The Dead, and they populate the landscape of the show. Andrew Lincoln plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a months-long coma to confront an post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The Walking Dead is an unstoppable force with ratings and fan engagement that are the envy of the industry. 

How can I unblock The Walking Dead

If you want to catch up The Walking Dead season 6 and watch it online, you can watch the latest season in real-time. For viewers living outside of American, you can resort to a VPN. VPN allows you to completely change IP address. After installing VPN, you'll be asked to choose a VPN server in foreign country. To unblock The Walking Dead, you have to choose an American VPN server

Where can I catch the show online

  • AMC's website
You can watch up to six episodes on AMC, including the three episodes of Season 6 that have aired so far and the webisodes from previous seasons. Season 6 contains 77 Episodes, currently airing on AMC's website. 

  • Netflix Instant
To catch up Seasons 1-5, go to Netflix Instant. Season 6 will not appear on Netflix until the fall, just before Season 7 premieres. 
Guide: How to watch Netflix from abroad

  • To watch The Walking Dead from other online TV channels, you can get it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, or Vudu. You can watch all the aired 6 seasons on them, but you need to pay for the episodes.
Episodes cost $2 each on Amazon Instant Video. Or purchase Seasons 1, 2, 3 4, 5 for $15, $30, $35, $40 and $42 respectively. 
Episodes cost $2 each on Vudu. Or purchase Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cost $11, $23, $27, $27, $27 and $27, respectively. (Season 6 episodes will become available after they air on TV.)
Episodes cost $3 each on iTunes. Or purchase Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cost $11, $25, $31, $31, $35 and $31, respectively. (Season 6 episodes will become available after they air on TV.)
Episodes cost $2 each on Google Play. Or purchase Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cost $10, $20, $25, $26, $28 and $28, respectively. (Season 6 episodes will become available after they air on TV.)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Use VPN to watch Premier League from PremierLeaguePass

Don't want to miss every Barclays match? You can watch every single match of the Barclays Premier League live, as-live or on demand from But do you see the following error message "Premier League Pass is not available in your location" when you open their website? What is causing it? That's because the website has detected your location by looking at your IP address. Premier League Pass can only be streamed from New Zealand or Taiwan. To fix the problem, we normally use VPN to change IP to New Zealand or Taiwan IP. This article will show you how to streaming all its actions in any country.



Premier League Pass is one of the best and cheapest ways to watch all Barclays Premier League games in perfect HD quality online. Be the new official online home of the Barclays Premier League Football/Soccer, the Premier League Pass website has also been specifically designed to be compatible with streaming all of the Premier League match to multiple Internet-connected devices including your PC, Apple TV, Tablets and Smartphones.

Get a New Zealand or Taiwan IP

We usually use FlyVPN's New Zealand or Taiwan IPs. It gives 14 days free VPN membership for Android users. 
  1. Register an account on FlyVPN.
  2. Download their Android VPN app
  3. Log your account on their Android app, it will auto activate your account, giving you 14 days for free. Then you can watch Premier League Pass on your Android device.
If you want to watch their matches from your PC:
  1. Download their VPN Client on your PC.
  2. Choose "send all traffic via vpn" as traffic type.
  3. Click the Taiwan server, and New Zealand server, you will see the response time on the right side.
  4. Choose the server with lower response time. If you choose New Zealand server, you will get a New Zealand IP. If you choose Taiwan server, you will get a Taiwan IP.
  5. Click "connect".

Setup VPN on Android, iOS or Mac

FlyVPN can be easy to set up on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and SmartTV as well. They offers VPN apps for all these devices. Once you setup a VPN app, connect the VPN server, you can streaming Premier League Pass.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How to setup a VPN on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 officially announced with Android for a November 24th event, and also a Windows version for December. Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 tablet will be available for purchase from next month, in two versions: a 16GB option for RMB 999 ($156) and a 64GB version at RMB 1,299 ($203). To watch streaming from foreign channels on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, you will need a VPN to unblock Geo-restriction.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 features

  • Comes with a full-metal body, just like iPad Air 2. It's lighter and slimmer, and has a better design compared to the predecessor model from last year. Its thickness is 6.95 mm and it weighs only 322 grams.
  • Comes in two color editions of dark gray and champagne.
  • At the bottom you'll find a USB Type-C port, making it one of the few available devices to sport the new connector.
  • Comes with a 7.9-inch display with a 2,048x1,536-pixel resolution.
  • Its rear-facing camera comes in at 8 megapixels. The front-facing camera present on it is of 5-megapixel. 
  • Comes with an Intel Atom X5-Z8500 chipset that features a 64-bit quad-core processor.
  • Comes with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM.
  • Does not offer cellular connectivity.
  • Features a smaller battery of 6,190 mAh capacity.

Setup a VPN on Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with Android system

  1. Download an VPN app for Android.
  2. Open the downloaded VPN app, and click "start to use". It will lead you to the page of registration.
  3. Register an account or use the account created auto by the app.
  4. Login your account on the app. It will give you 14 days for free test.
  5. Now route the traffics. If you want all traffic go through VPN, you can either choose "Use VPN for all access, excluding... - none" or "Use VPN when accessing... - all". For specific traffic function, choose the way traffic go through the VPN.
  6. Select the VPN server in the that country the streaming channel supports.
  7. Connect to the server, then you can watch the TV or films.
If you prefer to manually configure VPN, read on guides of manually setup VPN on Xiaomi Box (smart TV).

Monday, November 23, 2015

Simple steps to get a Spanish IP address for my Android phone or tablet

The IP address is used to determine your physical location and track your online activities. For you who are plan to have trips outside of Spain, one of the things you need to do is to get a Spanish IP for your smartphone or tablet. Changing your IP address to a Spanish one is simple, use a country IP changing app, like VPN to get it. 

Why you need a Spanish IP?

Many online banking websites block you to access your accounts or pay your bills while you're abroad. You may can't access Twitter or Flickr when you are travel to another countries. The most situation you may meet is that you are prevent from watching your native television programs and movies if you don't have a Spanish IP address. Acquiring a Spanish IP address means you can unblock all Spanish channels at once.

Like lots of other countries, Spanish imposes strict regulations on internet use. These might be for copyright, political, or cultural reasons, whatever the reason, it can be frustrated to meet the problem that you are unable to visit the websites or unable to get its contents. Use FlyVPN's free Android VPN app and get their free accounts can help you fix all the problems. They offer a dedicated app for your Android smartphone an tablet.

How to get a free Spanish IP?

free spain VPNfree spain VPN

  • First download their free Android VPN app on your Android devices. Get free accounts from their recent 2 promotions: 14day free VPN & invitation code bonus: 277 954 66.
  • Run VPN app and enter your account. Select the "Use VPN when accessing..." - Spanish. If you need the Spanish IP for all your traffic,  choose "Use VPN for all access, excluding... - none" or "Use VPN when accessing... - all". Click server - free - Spanish. The free version of this app will automatically set your IP to a Spanish address. Switching regions is simple and free. Just select the country you want from inside the application to change your IP address to that region. 

Change IPs for online security

Besides, the freedom of Android comes with security concerns and privacy threats. Connected to the VPN service before using your Android device is a good way to keep away hackers. VPN performs a complete encryption of your traffic. Turn it on and select the region you want to change your IP address to. This way websites won't be able to track your online activity. If the only purpose for using VPN is to protect your online security, connect to the nearest location to ensure the fastest data connection possible.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Get free VPN accounts - invitation code promotion

Good news! FlyVPN gives invitation code again. Recently it offers free VPN membership bonus to subscribers who using their account on their Android VPN app. It's a good opportunity for users to enjoy the VPN service before making payment. For those who want to get more free days you can get benefit from their new invitation code promotion.

How to get the invitation code?

There are 2 methods to get more free days for your VPN account. It can only be get from Android app, so if you haven't install their VPN app on Android, refer to the guide for setup VPN on Android.

Use your VPN account to get a unique invitation code

invitation codeinvitation code

Click the upper right menu button, and click "invitation". Each FlyVPN account will auto get a unique invitation code.

share invitation codeshare invitation code

Click the share button to share your invitation code to your friends. Each time your invitation code used by one person, you will get 5 free days.

Use this invitation code: 277 954 66 to get another 5 days membership

use invitation code

You will get 5 day free VPN bonus by enter this code in the invitation page, and click apply.

What can I do use this free VPN accounts?

Once you have got the free membership for your VPN account, you can use this VPN to unblock TV channels, restricted websites and bypass internet restrictions. To watch geo-restricted TV channels or visit blocked site from abroad, you need to make them believe that you are actually located in that region. Through VPN services to change your IP addresses can help to get around government censors as well. 

Living in a connected world invariably means wondering who is snooping on your online activities. Everyone is watching what you do online. Advertisers, nation-state adversaries, neighbors, and cyber-criminals. By using an anonymous VPN service, a user's Internet traffic and data remain encrypted, which prevents your Internet privacy

What's more, the VPN account can allow you unlock games available in other regions. Via change IP addresses, you can play the game at the first time the game launch, or purchase the game at a cheaper price.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to watch CNTV from outside of China

China Central Television (CCTV)'s online TV website provides viewers with a host of news and feature programs, including News, Sports, Entertainment and more. Like most TV channels, it has geo-restrictions for viewers. To watch its videos, you need a China VPN to change IP address.


China Network Television (CNTV) is a national web-based TV broadcaster officially launched on December 28, 2009. CNTV International offers 6 local language services (Chinese, Mongolian in Mongol Script, Tibetan, Kazakh, Uyghur and Korean) and 6 foreign language services (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Arabic).

Get a sad message telling you that CNTV is not available in your area yet. How to get rid of it? VPN is a super fast way to unblock streaming that allows you to unblock websites blocked in your country and bypass Internet censorship. After connect to a VPN, your IP can be changed, and you can watch the video contents on CNTV without see the error message. Which VPN provider you choose is kind of up to yourself. What we usually do when in need of a Chinese IP address is to use the FlyVPN services. They have more than 50 Chinese VPN servers.

Now let's guide how to get their free Chinese servers for windows pc users.
  1. Download and install their VPN Client for Windows system.
  2. Register an account on their website.
  3. Enter the account on the installed Client.
  4. Find the China servers, choose one of them.
  5. Click "connect".
If you have problems actually getting hold of the CNTV application itself to your Android system then read on the following contents for information on that topic.
  • Their Android VPN app is convenient and easy to setup, refer to the tutorial of setup Android VPN app.
  • FlyVPN offers free VPN promotions recently for Android. So as long as you login your account on one of your Android device, it will give you 14 days membership for free.
  • Besides the 14 days membership, they provide invitation code promotion as well. Use this invitation code: 277 954 66 to get another 5 free days.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How to hide BitTorrent Traffic?

Throttle and cap internet, spy on what you're downloading, is happened in most countries. If you are using BitTorrent, you'd better to hide your identity. A VPN can assign your another IP and hide your identity. It is the easiest and most convenient way to hide your activity.


When you download or seed a torrent, you're connecting to a bunch of other people, called a swarm. It's impossible that you are be the only file sharer, so that's very difficult when you're sharing files with other netizens. Piracy monitoring groups also join BitTorrent swarms, but instead of sharing files, they're logging the IP addresses of other people in the swarm, including you, so that they can notify your ISP of your doings. All of those people can see your IP address during this progress. 

A VPN can route your traffic through another server, so that the BitTorrent swarm will show the VPN server's IP address instead of yours. You may then ask how about piracy groups then go to find the VPN provider, require the histories to figure out what you're downloading. So you'd better find a VPN provider don't keep logs, so there's no trail of activity leading to you. They can only see a proxy service sharing a file, and your ISP only sees you use a VPN, can't find you're using BitTorrent.

Getting a VPN is very simple, can assign you different IP addresses in a few minutes. If you don't mind, I recommend install a VPN Client on your pc. VPN Clients are easier to use than manually setup VPNs on your device. You can find a VPN provides free accounts, which enable you to test if it works, its exact speed and connection before you make subscription. After connecting to a VPN, you need to check if IP address is changed.

Besides, you can also use other methods to hide BitTorrent traffics, such as use proxy or Seedbox. But proxies are not so useful and functional as VPNs, SeedBox is more expensive the VPNs. See more difference between VPN and proxy, and differences between VPN and SeedBox.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Free Android VPN promotion & bonus

FlyVPN recently give promotion for Android users. New users or new accounts can get 14 Days free membership. Unlike their previous free accounts, the VPN promotion has no online time limit. Users can use their account for all the 14 days without disconnection. It's simple to get the bonus, download their VPN App on Android devices, signup an account, it will auto give your account 14 days. The private VPN tunnel can be setup on your mobile phone to protect your online identity, and other Android devices to unblock games and TV channels. 

android free vpn

VPN functions

We highly recommend using a VPN to protect your online activity from malicious snoops. It's gotten easier than ever to find a public Wi-Fi hotspot in places like airports, coffee shops, libraries, and public parks. As you don't know where eavesdroppers are lurking or even what they may be interested in, it's necessary to start using a VPN to protect your privacy and data. It allows users to transfer information unsecured data by routing the traffic from remote fileservers through an encrypted channel.

Besides, you can also use the VPN to unblock videos and games. To bypass the geo-restriction problem and to be able to get foreign resources, you will need to get yourself a different IP address. Nobody, not even your Internet Service Provider, website you visit, or search engine will be able to see your real IP address. Every website you visit will detect your IP address as the server IP. After changing the IP, you can watch all the geo-restriction TVs and unlock the games.

How to get a free VPN?

The decent VPN app for Android is easy enough to setup and use that you don't have to worry about support. Follow the steps to get their free VPN 14 days membership:
1. Setup their VPN Android app.

android free vpn-registerandroid free vpn-registerandroid free vpn-register

2. Click "start to use" - "create new" - "create manually". It will lead you to their register page. Register a new account.

3. Back to the app, enter your new created account, and login.

android free vpn

4. You will find there are 14 days in your account. Route the traffic and choose servers to have free test.

5. If you have problem with the settings, read on how to set VPN on Android. I have registered one account for each of my Android device, all get free 14 days membership. Get the free VPN now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to watch NBC on Android from abroad

Downloaded NBC on Android device, but still unable to use it? Get an error "Player is not able to retrieve the stream. Please check your network connection or try again." That can be frustrating. You may puzzled about why this error appears as your network is ok. Then it may because you live in, or are visiting, a country that blocks NBC. A USA VPN can be used to fix this problem.


American commercial broadcast television and radio network - NBC has more veiwers these years. It enables you get instant access to the latest episodes and highlights from your favorite NBC shows. As one of the oldest and also one of the largest American broadcast network, it has multiply different shows and movies to offer. You are able to watch numerous TV series, movies and the hot NBC sports programs, such as Barclays Premier League and tennis tournament.

If you need to unblock NBC, or any service that utilizes hardware, we would recommend a VPN product. There are lots of ways in which you can get that, but this is the most easy and cheap way. Choose a VPN with great service, full refund policy and most important offers an Android application that setups easily and work smooth, such as FlyVPN. Connect to a VPN server location in the USA to bypass content regional content blocks. Here I will give a brief guide about how to get a USA IP for Android. For more detailed settings, read on guide for setup Android VPN.
  1. Register a FlyVPN account. They provide 14 days for free test for new users recently. 
  2. Download a VPN Android app.
  3. Login with your account, both paid or unpaid accounts are available.
  4. Choose a USA server, then connect.
And now you are ready to watch programs on NBC. Open NBC app, you will get access to its videos without getting the block message. If you want to watch NBC from other devices, refer to

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to watch Rugby World Cup Final online live streaming

The Rugby World Cup final will take place this Saturday, October 31. Don't miss the opportunity to watch Rugby World Cup Final, the most important rugby union match, taken place every four years. For the geographic limit set by British TV channels, you can use a Britain VPN to unblock its streaming content.

rugby world cup final

Rugby World Cup Final

The All Blacks have ticked that box but, in doing so, have inadvertently set themselves up to be at the peak of their powers psychologically for Saturday's final. Ahead of the semi-finals, the Argentinians took their place and now with both those sides relegated to the third-place playoff, it's the All Blacks checking into the five-star facilities ahead of weekend's final. With bragging rights on the line for the next four years, relations between the All Blacks and Wallabies will be seriously tested in the Rugby World Cup final.

There is always that underlying friction in any sporting arena when it comes to New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand's lineout and defence were outstanding, Ben Smith and Whitelock stood out and two tries without reply rewarded the team who tried to play. Australia's back-row David Pocock has invited legend David Attenborough to Saturday's World Cup final against New Zealand at Twickenham. With both teams sporting two World Cup wins, this is going to be one for the books.

Rugby World Cup Schedule

Bronze final      Friday, 30th October
Runner-up SF1 vs Runner-up SF2
20.00 Olympic Stadium

Final      Saturday 31st October
Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2
16.00 Twickenham, London

Which channel can I watch Rugby World Cup Final online live streaming?

ITV Player will broadcast the live show of this Final match. If you living abroad and have tried to watch live ITV Player, you must have noticed that they don't work. That's because they check your location to make sure you're in the UK. So even though you are a ITV Player subscriber, you can't watch its contents when you are not in UK. A VPN for British media sites can solve this restriction, enabling you watch the match.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

How can I watch all Netflix contents

The streaming giant Netflix is expanding again. Netflix launched in Spain (10/20), Portugal (10/21) and Italy (10/22) this week. Without doubt, there will be thousands of new subscriptions for Netflix in these nations.

Netflix Expansion

About Netflix

Netflix offers tons of amazing films and programs for those with a running subscription at a cheap price. There are millions upon millions of people using Netflix, the undisputed champion of subscription video streaming servicesThey pay a small amount every month to watch legally, instead of download and using torrents. Even launched in different countries, only USA Netflix offers all its streaming contents

Netflix Expansion

This is a grand step for Netflix and if you think about it this means they will now due to this expansion be able to reach more than 115 million more people than until now.
Netflix is now available in around 50 countries. Netflix plans to continue fulfilling its 200 - country (including Middle East) expansion by the end of 2016. In early 2015, Netflix is expanding to Australia and New Zealand. 

Limited streaming contents

While, some of its original and exclusive contents also limited to the parts of the world where Netflix has already been establishedNetflix's two biggest series, House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, will not be available in their entirety in Italy, Spain, or Portugal because those shows have already been licensed to television networks in those territories.

How to get the restricted Netflix contents?

With a VPN, you can expand your entertainment palate and watch the Netflix content available in regions all around the world. First of all, to be able to sign up you need to be located in one of the areas with a working Netflix program. The VPN will give an IP address in the nation you desire, and once you have that, it will think you are in that location. You can download VPN app to your to your tablet, to your smartphone, to your iOS devices, or to your Windows/Mac computer, then choose a server located in the region you watch to reach. Whether you live in a nation with no Netflix support, or in a region with only a part of its service, this VPN program will enable you to watch all Netflix contents.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Setup a VPN for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system and distribution. It has been eleven years since its first release - Ubuntu 4.10 Warty WarthogWith the massive success and the rise in popularity of Ubuntu, more and more people choosing to use Ubuntu. Though Linux systems may be secure than Windows system, it doesn't mean it's safe using Ubuntu do online activities. 


About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the world's most popular Linux system and distribution. Due to its powerful features, free price, open-source nature and easy to use Ubiquity GUI (Graphical User Interface), Ubuntu system becomes more installed and used by users recent years. 

Online Security for Ubuntu

Your access to the Internet are not so safely and securely especially when connected to an untrusted network such as the WiFi of a hotel or coffee shop. Even though you are using a more secure operating system, all your data can be tracked during they traverse to the public Internet.

How to protect online safe?

Ubuntu's popularity also means that it is well supported by VPN providers, most of whom either only support Linux through Ubuntu, or who have additional guides specifically aimed at Ubuntu users. A VPN boosts security because hackers cannot make sense of your encrypted communications. The traffic emerges from the special tunnel and continues its journey to the destination.

One of the biggest challenges that Ubuntu users face is finding a VPN supports Ubuntu. I would like to recommend FlyVPN, which allows you to secure your wireless logins and transactions. PPTP is not considered secure these days, OpenVPN is complicate to setup and gives slower speed than other protocols, so below I will give a brief guide about set up a L2TP VPN on Ubuntu.

How to setup a VPN in Ubuntu?

  1. Click "System Preferences " - "Network" - "+" icons.
  2. Select "VPN" - "L2TP over IPSec".
  3. Give a name to these settings, then click "Create".
  4. Register an account on FlyVPN homepage.
  5. Get their VPN Server Address.
  6. Enter FlyVPN account from free trial page. If you had their paid account, use your own account, but your account is unavailable before paid. 
  7. Check "Show VPN status in menu bar".
  8. Click "Authentication Settings...".
  9. Enter "vpnserver" letters into Shared Secret .
  10. Click "OK" - "Advanced".
  11. Check "Send all traffic via VPN" box and click "OK".
  12. Click "Apply" and "Connect".
  13. You are now connected.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Get digital privacy in Australia

With Australia data retention scheme come into effect, the online privacy of Australians ends from Tuesday, October 13. From that day, Australia's entire communications industry turned into a surveillance and the digital privacy ended. Since this Internet censorship first allowed in the law from April, Australian Internet users are under data surveillance.

Australia data retention

The data retention dragnet will capture the data of innocent Australians and cost millions of dollars, while allowing those who don't want to be caught to remain hidden. The surveillance carries on by at least 21 agencies of executive government. Service providers are now required to retain the full data set as specified in the legislation - that is, they're required to create new data on their customers' activities that they otherwise would never have created. And they're required to store all this retained data securely.

It has been an unhappy week for Australian internet users as the government has recently required mass collection of meta data across the country from phones, text and internet communications. The electronically logged data of mobile, landline voice (including missed and failed) calls and text messages, all emails, download volumes and location information will be mandatorily retained by Australian telcos and ISPs. When you visit a porn site or infidelity site or 'jihadi' content sites, may in effect be discoverable without a warrant. 

How to circumvent Australia data retention scheme?

  1. Use VPN for Australia to change your IP address and location. A destination IP address reveals which web servers a user has accessed and is a form of web browsing history, although it cannot always show specifically what website on that server you were accessing. Here are some VPN tools for those who really want to protect their privacy: Windows VPN or Mac VPNiOS VPNAndroid VPN.
  2. Use public Wi-Fi hotspots, which aren't covered by the data retention scheme. For example, use the Wi-Fi provided at a council hotspot, library, or university.
  3. Use a foreign-operated email service, such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  4. Use a foreign-operated messaging service, such as Google chat, Twitter direct messages, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. 
  5. Instead of sending a text message, use an encrypted messaging app.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Line Gets Letter Sealing End-to-End Encryption

Line has updated a new feature called Letter Sealing on its cross-platform mobile messaging app. It enables end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect chats when they're transmitted between users. The idea behind the new feature is to further protect messages when they are being sent, and prevent any unauthorized access during this delivery phase. 

Line Letter Sealing

Line, an app for instant communications can be installed on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.

Letter Sealing scrambles the contents of your messages with a key that is only stored on your device and not on any centralized servers. Letter Sealing is the latest addition to LINE's array of numerous security features and programs. The company says this makes it impossible for a third party to read intercepted chats. It's good news for the 211 million Line users across the globe, as they can now chat without worrying about governments snooping on them.

The company plans to use Letter Sealing work with one-to-one individual chats and location sharing, but will be extended to cover other features and devices in the near future. Hidden Chat, time limited messaging feature, and Passcode Lock are a few security features already included inside the messaging app. Letter Sealing is available not only on iOS and Android, but also on both Mac and Windows computers. 

Line promotes Line Stickers frequently, but most of them are only available in certain regions. If you want to get these new Line stickers, use a VPN to change your IP and download them. Below I will give a brief guidance about how to get foreign line stickers.
  1. Bind your Line account with Facebook and email. If you have already have a Line account, you'd better clear data, and uninstall Line program to cancel phone number authentication.Then install it again.
  2. You need a free VPN: Set free VPN on iPhoneSet free VPN on Android.
  3. Open line sticker store after connect to the VPN. You can see the free stickers now. If the free Line Stickers are only published for Thailand users, you need to connect to a Thailand VPN server. 
  4. Download these line stickers.