Monday, November 23, 2015

Simple steps to get a Spanish IP address for my Android phone or tablet

The IP address is used to determine your physical location and track your online activities. For you who are plan to have trips outside of Spain, one of the things you need to do is to get a Spanish IP for your smartphone or tablet. Changing your IP address to a Spanish one is simple, use a country IP changing app, like VPN to get it. 

Why you need a Spanish IP?

Many online banking websites block you to access your accounts or pay your bills while you're abroad. You may can't access Twitter or Flickr when you are travel to another countries. The most situation you may meet is that you are prevent from watching your native television programs and movies if you don't have a Spanish IP address. Acquiring a Spanish IP address means you can unblock all Spanish channels at once.

Like lots of other countries, Spanish imposes strict regulations on internet use. These might be for copyright, political, or cultural reasons, whatever the reason, it can be frustrated to meet the problem that you are unable to visit the websites or unable to get its contents. Use FlyVPN's free Android VPN app and get their free accounts can help you fix all the problems. They offer a dedicated app for your Android smartphone an tablet.

How to get a free Spanish IP?

free spain VPNfree spain VPN

  • First download their free Android VPN app on your Android devices. Get free accounts from their recent 2 promotions: 14day free VPN & invitation code bonus: 277 954 66.
  • Run VPN app and enter your account. Select the "Use VPN when accessing..." - Spanish. If you need the Spanish IP for all your traffic,  choose "Use VPN for all access, excluding... - none" or "Use VPN when accessing... - all". Click server - free - Spanish. The free version of this app will automatically set your IP to a Spanish address. Switching regions is simple and free. Just select the country you want from inside the application to change your IP address to that region. 

Change IPs for online security

Besides, the freedom of Android comes with security concerns and privacy threats. Connected to the VPN service before using your Android device is a good way to keep away hackers. VPN performs a complete encryption of your traffic. Turn it on and select the region you want to change your IP address to. This way websites won't be able to track your online activity. If the only purpose for using VPN is to protect your online security, connect to the nearest location to ensure the fastest data connection possible.  


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