Saturday, January 30, 2016

How to watch 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala live streaming from abroad

The Chinese New Year is coming, undoubtedly, the most attractive activity for Chinese both home and overseas is to watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala(春节联欢晚会) on New Year's Eve with family. The New Year's Eve Gala, China's most viewed entertainment broadcast, has been an annual major viewing event in China since its debut in 1983. The previous New Year Gala drew more than 700 million viewers from across the country. While the performers change annually, the format of the show is mostly consistent with some of the most popular performers, including Song and Dance, Xiangsheng/crosstalk, Skits, Chinese Opera, Magic Tricks, and Acrobatics.

2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Channels to Broadcast Chinese New Year Gala

With the approaching CCTV Chinese New Year Gala 2016, you may wonder which channels will broadcast it live stream. Viewer in China can watch CCTV Spring Festival Gala at 8 p.m., 7th February from CCTV. If you haven't subscribe cable TV service or you are living outside of China Mainland, you can watch CCTV Chinese New Year Gala online live broadcast on CNTV(CCTV's online TV web) or Tencent Video.
Broadcast date: 8pm, February 7, 2016
Duration: 4 - 5 hours

How to watch CCTV Chinese New Year Gala 2016 live streaming online

CCTV and QQ Video have geographic restrictions, their services are only available to Chinese users. So you have to change your IP to a Chinese one with a free China VPN. FlyVPN provides more than 70 China VPN servers, some of them are free to use. Their VPN Clients also compatible and extremely easy to use with all of your internet capable devices such as your Laptop, PC, Mobile Device, Kindle Fire TV, etc. It's simple to get your IP changed to a Chinese IP, and watch 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala live broadcast online from abroad. Let's give a brief guide:
  1. Connect to a free China VPN. You can refer to the VPN tutorial to setup VPN on Mac, Android, iOS or Windows PC.
  2. Watch 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on CCTV, or Watch 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on Tencent QQ Video
If you don't want to watch the Gala on CCTV's website, you can download CCTV Client:
CCTV CBOX Client for Android, iOS
CCTV CBOX Client for PC

Saturday, January 23, 2016

How can I watch I Am a Singer season 4 from outside of China

I Am a Singer (我是歌手) is a Chinese version of the reality show. The Hunan TV programme's format is actually from South Korea's MBC network. Seven talented, veteran singers perform for a selected audience, which votes to eliminate one singer after each week's performance. The following week, another singer joins the competition, and the lineup of artists varies throughout the course of the show. The fourth season of I Am a Singer premiere on January 15, 2016, broadcasted on Hunan Television. The first 8 singers are Coco Lee, Hacken Lee, Su Jianxin, Haya Band band, Lala Hsu, Guan Zhe, Chief Zhao Chuan and Huang Zhilie. Viewers living outside of China Mainland can use a free China VPN to watch I Am a Singer season 4 on the web.

I Am a Singer season 4

Where can I watch I am a singer season 4?

  • Viewer in China can watch the popular China reality singing contest at 10:00pm every Friday night since January 15, 2016, on Hunan satellite TV.
  • If you haven't subscribe cable TV service or you are living outside of China Mainland, you can watch I am a singer 2016 on the web through Mango TV.

How can watch I am a singer season 4 online from outside China

People who are outside of China Mainland are unable to watch Mango TV (Hunantv) videos for IP restricted. You can access its official website, but when you want to watch its videos online, you will be blocked. So we can only get Chinese IP address to bypass the copyright restriction and mask your real IP address. The simplest and fastest way to change IP address into China is to connect to China VPN.
I Am a Singer season 4

I Am a Singer season 4

  1. Get FlyVPN's free trial VPN account. Register a free accounts or use the accounts listed on their website.
  2. Download free VPN Client.
  3. Connect to China server.
  4. Once connected, the VPN server will assign a new IP address to your computer.
  5. Go to watch I Am a Singer season 4 now!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to unblock Apple Music from any region

Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service, allows users select music to stream on demand. Apple Music is available for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models that are running iOS 8.4 or later. It's also available on the Mac, windows PC, Apple TV and Android phones. Users can stream 30 million songs from Apple Music's library. A good streaming media for music lovers, but it's not available in all regions. A free VPN will give you IP address from a place where Apple Music is available, such as USA. Below I will give a guide about how to unblock Apple music from any region.

Apple Music

About Apple Music

  • Combines subscription-based music streaming with global radio-like programming and a social feature that connects artists to fans.
  • Provides music recommendations based on user's taste and is integrated with Siri voice commands.
  • Unlimited access to any music on Apple Music library,containing 30 million songs.
  • Available on iOS/Mac/Windows PC/Android.

How to unblock Apple Music on iOS/pc/Android

Users who living in Taiwan, China, Israel, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Uruguay, Turkey, Iceland, Tunisia, Algeria, Croatia, Serbia, Morocco, or other regions blocks Apple Music can use a free VPN to unblock Apple Music on your iOS or Android phone. It's simple to bring Apple Music with you abroad, or to get a membership in a place where it's not currently available. FlyVPN is a super simple way to change your IP address in 5 minutes. It provides free VPN trial accounts, with free VPN servers of different regions. Connect to VPN server location which support Apple Music. Open Apple Music after getting a new IP address from that country.
How to change IP on iOS
How to change IP on Android

How to get cheap pricing for Apple Music

Apart from unblock Apple Music, you will find you can get cheaper price by using VPN. You will get Apple Music $9.99 per month (or $14.99 for an entire family of up to 6 people) in USA, but in India the Individual membership costs just US$1.89, and a Family membership costs the equivalent of US$2.99. Other great Apple Music savings are available in Brazil (US$5 and US$7 respectively), and in Hong Kong (US$6 and US$10 respectively).

Saturday, January 9, 2016

How can I watch The Legend Of MiYue full episodes free online

Recent years, Chinese historical dramas bring millions of viewers. After the hit period c-drama The Legend of Zhen Huan (甄嬛传), a new Chinese historical drama comes at the end of last year, that's The Legend of Miyue (芈月传). The Legend of Miyue is based on Jiang Shengnan's novel with the same name. The series tells the story of Mi Yue, who is the first stateswoman in the history of China. Starring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Huang Xuan, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Gao Yunxiang, and Alex Fong, the drama has picked up pace near the end. The Legend of Miyue broadcasts only in China. To watch full episodes free online of the Chinese TV series from abroad, you will need a China VPN.

Legend Of MiYue

TV channels or online streaming webs broadcast The Legend Of MiYue

Viewer in China can watch Legend of MiYue on Dragon TV or Beijing TV at 7:30pm everyday, or from Anhui TV at 10pm everyday, but you must subscribed to cable television. If you haven't subscribe cable TV service or you are living outside of China Mainland, you can watch The Legend of Miyue online on LeTV or Tencent Video.

ChannelRegionBroadcast date
Dragon TV (东方卫视)China mainlandStart from November 30, 2015
Beijing TV (北京卫视)China mainlandStart from November 30, 2015
Anhui TV (安徽卫视)China mainlandStart from January 4, 2016
LeTV (乐视TV)China mainlandStart from November 30, 2015
Tencent Video (腾讯视频)China mainlandStart from November 30, 2015

How to watch Legend Of MiYue full episodes free online

Viewers living outside of China will unable to watch Legend Of MiYue on LeTV or Tencent Video due to geo-restrictions. You will get an error as above photo show, which means "the program is blocked in your region." A China VPN will help to fix the problem. We choose FlyVPN, it provides about 70 China VPN servers. 

You can use their free VPN trial account, or register an account to have free test. The account you register can get 14 days free membership without online limit when the account be login on their Android VPN app. 

After get the free account, login the account on FlyVPN Client, then connect to China VPN servers. If you don't know how to use VPN watch China TV series, read on article about watch Youku, Sohu, LeTV from abroad.