Tuesday, September 23, 2014

China VPN for Register QQ Account

A lot of popular games like Blade & Soul, Asura, Age of Gunslingers and QQ Dancer are released by Tencent Holdings Limited. Tencent also developed QQ, a widely used instant messaging software service. QQ owns a variety of services, including online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, and group and voice chat. Register a QQ account is necessary for Tencent game players. Users may come across problems like can’t register QQ in your region or the network condition is poor when using QQ. The best solution is connect to a China VPN server.

It takes a few minutes register a QQ account, so I highly recommend to use FlyVPN’s free trial account. It offers several free China VPN servers. It’s convenient to set up. Download the FlyVPN client from http://www.flyvpn.com/download, the “Pro” version is more suggested. Get the free account and password from VPN free test page. There are two accounts listed on the right side of this page. As each user with the same IP address can use the free account for one hour per day. Time is enough for you to register a QQ account.

Now let's guide how to register a QQ account.
  1. Visit http://im.qq.com/ to register QQ account. 
  2. You can register numbers or Email on http://zc.qq.com/chs/index.html . Register with numbers - it will show you the QQ number like 123456789. It is your QQ account. You can use the number and the password you typed during registration to login Tencent games. Register with Email - the Email is your QQ account.
  3. To play Tencent games, your QQ account need to verify you are aged 18+. Visit http://jkyx.qq.com/ , log in with your QQ account to remove limits on your account.
  4. Search a Chinese ID aged 18+ to complete the verification. Input your name, ID and contact address.


As the largest online services platform in China, Tencent provides a wide range of services which covers instant messaging, information portal, online games, e-business etc. For those who need more services like playing Tencent games, listening to QQ music or having voice chat, order a shared IP VPN is helpful. FlyVPN offers more than 130 VPN servers located in more than 30 countries. More than 20 VPN servers are located in China’s major cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Fujian, etc. The premium account allows you to reduce the high Ping and connect to servers with no time limitation.


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