Monday, September 1, 2014

Get free Line stickers via VPN

Obtain the line stickers free by changing IP via VPN. The sticker packs provided by Line stand out from other popular messaging apps with its appealing icons nowadays. Since launched in 2011, Line now has over 480 million registered users. Recently, Line launched more online stores in other countries, making up a total of 14 regions where the store is available. It is available to download series of free Line stickers from Japan, Mexico, America, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand etc. Line fans can download numerous sets of free Line stickers by connecting to VPN servers of the countries that provide free stickers. 

Recently LINE had blocked the global login feature. As a result, users could no longer login to LINE with foreign account. However, VPN performs cross countries login without being blocked. If you want to download free line stickers from foreign countries. But you could no longer login to LINE with foreign account, resort to VPN without being blocked. This could be done via VPN free trial.
Install the VPN and login with the free trial account offered in by it. If you don’t know how to configure VPN, please visit here.
Now, it’s easy to download free Line stickers on iOS, android or windows. Create an account with email or Facebook. Please don’t register with your Phone number if you want to download stickers via VPN. If you registered with Phone number. Line will know where you are. So users have to delete phone number in your Line account. 
Connect to VPN and download the free Line stickers in that certain region. Line users can download Toki Choi's Happy Life and LINE Rangers in Taiwan stickers store, PON DE LION, DJ Dake, Shopping Panda and ZAQ stickers from Japanese sticker shop, Happy Panda 2nd Season stickers in Indonesian stickers shop, AirAsia Paint the Skies Red in Singapore Stickers Shop, Cutie YAYA by TrueMove H, MCOT: Nong Nine and MMFK & M-STORM's Designer from Thailand stickers shop.
Go ahead and get more animated stickers!


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