Sunday, September 28, 2014

Free VPN for Australians to buy cheaper IT products

The “Australia Tax” of IT products has sparked a surge of interest in VPN as a way to circumvent it. VPN is a popular solution for getting around geographic restrictions that stop Australians from accessing overseas online stores.


The price of IT products in Australia is more expensive than in USA due to the geo-restrictions set by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and other companies. Australians have to pay extra 42% on the same IT products than Americans. Thanks to the government’s plan for data retention laws, Australians can get the IT products at lower price via VPN. The Australian public was shocked when Attorney-General George Brandis revealed a new plan requiring telecommunications companies to collect and keep Australians’ metadata from their internet browsing for two years. VPN receives an unexpected boost at the weekend when Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull hinted it may be a way to avoid IP addresses being recorded.
The VPN allows users hide the true location by faking a new IP address that makes it seem you are logging in from another country. For Australians who only want to order products from other regions, it’s no need to buy VPN. Just use a free VPN. FlyVPN offers more than forty free VPN servers, including Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Korea, Mexico and many other servers from world wide. It offers free accounts and passwords every day, you can login these account to change your IP, then order from online stores of other countries. But the free accounts have time limitation for users. If you need VPN for more than one hour per day, you can upgrade to their premium account.

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