Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Play games with reduced lag by using VPN

Players may face the problem that play Korean games, for example, but you are in Japan, you can’t access to Korea games or the ping isn’t very good. FlyVPN will not only give you presence in Korea, but reduce the lags when you play the game.

Most video game publishers or governments block, limit or restrict players located in a certain geographical region from freely accessing the games they bring for public sale. Game players can resort to VPN when not being able to play games because of the blocked country or IP. The VPN service hides the real IP and changes IP address to the countries that have access to the games.With VPN service you will create yourself a tunnel where you can play limitless private games on a simulated local area networks. It also keeps players’ information private and secure. 

Lag, latency and dropped packets can result in a terrible gaming experience if you are playing multiplayer game. A large part of the delay is purely due to the local speed and the distance between the locations. You can traverse the Internet infrastructure between Japan and Korea by using a VPN. A VPN can make it faster. FlyVPN is a recommended game VPN to get around the problems. Reduce ping lag through gaming by connecting to the server with lowest response time. If you would like to test the effects of FlyVPN before ordering, try the free trial offer.

Follow the VPN installation instructions to configure it, then refer to its free trial VPN page to get the free account and password. There are two accounts listed, so input the username with the server you need to connect to. The speed of free accounts and premium accounts are similar, so you can decide whether to order after having the free test.

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