Friday, September 26, 2014

How to get free App from iTunes Japan

A lot of excellent App are released only in Japan, while a Japanese iTunes account is necessary for downloading these App. You must first create a regular iTunes account, and then change your iTunes Store and address/payment information to everything Japanese as Apple requested. A Japan VPN can help to make a Japanese account without credit card. Today I’d like to share how to get free App on iTunes Japan via VPN. 
The free VPN account offered by FlyVPN with Japan VPN server is suggested. Configure the FlyVPN according to the tutorial: , then log in with the free account and password, getting them from from . Now it's time to create a Japanese Apple ID, do as the steps below:
Step 1: Open iTunes Store. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the circle that includes an image of the country flag. Click this circle and choose “Japan”.

Step 2: Choose a free App to download, then you will be noticed to log in. Click “Create Apple ID”.

Step 3: Click “continue”, then click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions. Then click “agree”.

Step 4: Input your personal information. Then click “Continue” to proceed.

The e-mail address should be available and must not already be registered to another iTunes account. 
Passwords should be at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers, at least one uppercase letter.
The secret questions, secondary email and birthday can be input randomly, but you should remember them, as they can help to retrieve the password if you forget.
Uncheck the two boxes if you do not wish to receive marketing communications from Apple. 

Step 5: Choose “None” (the right buttom) as the payment method.

Step 6: Search some local information for Billing Address.
Step 7: Go to your e-mail, and confirm the account.



Now you can download free games or musics from iTunes Japan.

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