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How can I watch I Am a Singer season 4 from outside of China

I Am a Singer (我是歌手) is a Chinese version of the reality show. The Hunan TV programme's format is actually from South Korea's MBC network. Seven talented, veteran singers perform for a selected audience, which votes to eliminate one singer after each week's performance. The following week, another singer joins the competition, and the lineup of artists varies throughout the course of the show. The fourth season of I Am a Singer premiere on January 15, 2016, broadcasted on Hunan Television. The first 8 singers are Coco Lee, Hacken Lee, Su Jianxin, Haya Band band, Lala Hsu, Guan Zhe, Chief Zhao Chuan and Huang Zhilie. Viewers living outside of China Mainland can use a free China VPN to watch I Am a Singer season 4 on the web.

I Am a Singer season 4

Where can I watch I am a singer season 4?

  • Viewer in China can watch the popular China reality singing contest at 10:00pm every Friday night since January 15, 2016, on Hunan satellite TV.
  • If you haven't subscribe cable TV service or you are living outside of China Mainland, you can watch I am a singer 2016 on the web through Mango TV.

How can watch I am a singer season 4 online from outside China

People who are outside of China Mainland are unable to watch Mango TV (Hunantv) videos for IP restricted. You can access its official website, but when you want to watch its videos online, you will be blocked. So we can only get Chinese IP address to bypass the copyright restriction and mask your real IP address. The simplest and fastest way to change IP address into China is to connect to China VPN.
I Am a Singer season 4

I Am a Singer season 4

  1. Get FlyVPN's free trial VPN account. Register a free accounts or use the accounts listed on their website.
  2. Download free VPN Client.
  3. Connect to China server.
  4. Once connected, the VPN server will assign a new IP address to your computer.
  5. Go to watch I Am a Singer season 4 now!


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