Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to watch Sling on Amazon Fire outside US

Sling TV is a live TV service that allows subscribers to watch different channels, including basic cable staples like ESPN, AMC, Disney Channel, TNT, History and HGTV. Sling TV offers high quality movies and the latest episodes for popular TV shows. After subscribe to one of their packages, you are allowed to watch any of their program in the package without paying extra money. While Sling TV service is only accessible in US, it blocks you from watching any of its videos if it detects that you are outside US. US VPN is a good tool to get around the geographic restrictions.

sling tv

When it comes to the Internet there are something called geographical blocks that TV stations and channels. Sling TV would automatically check your location based on your IP address when you open Sling TV player. It only allows American IPs to view its TVs. Such an IP address can be a real treasure to people who want to watch their favorite TV shows while living outside USA. 

Get a sad message telling you that Sling TV is not available in your area yet? For viewers who living outside of US, you need to get rid of the region limit first. Free VPN app is quite simply the best possible way for you to access blocked or restricted content. Below I will give a guide about watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire outside USSling TV can be watched on Smart TVs, phones, tablets, Xbox one, laptops and computers. If you prefer to watch Sling TV on iPad, Android phones or other Android tablets, read on the free VPN setup tutorials.
  1. Download Sling TV app for Amazon Fire.
  2. Download free USA VPN app for Android. It is an application which enables to unblock Sling TV on Amazon Fire
  3. Register a FlyVPN account. There will be 14 days free membership in your account.
  4. Connect to one of the free USA VPN server, the ip will be changed to usa ip.
  5. Now view Sling TV on Amazon Fire.


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