Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Watch Swedish TV in London

Whether you’re study in London, on a lengthy business trip to London, on an extended vacation, or maybe you’re just choosing to live in England for a while, you shouldn’t be forced to unable to watch Swedish TV. Want to watch Swedish TV online when you’re London - or just enjoy some of your favorite TV shows using online ‘catch-up’ channels?

Sweden VPN

It’s not as easy as you thought: the TV networks block their online videos to users from outside Sweden. Fortunately, the VPN can unblock these restrictions, which disguises your location to make it appear that your notebook, Mac or even your smart phone is in Sweden. The VPN reroutes all of your network traffic through the Swedish server, and you could surf throughout Sweden with a Swedish IP. FlyVPN’s Sweden VPN server will allow you to switch an UK IP address to a Sweden one, you can then watch the Swedish videos. 
By taking a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy Swedish TV from the UK.
1. Setup the VPN on your device by following the instruction of their VPN setup tutorials.
  For window system users, just download their VPN Client; for other operating systems devices, you need to follow up their instructions.
2. If you want to use their free trial account, just get the the username and password from their free trial page: .
3. Connect to the Sweden server.
4. After connection, you can watch Swedish TV now!

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