Thursday, November 27, 2014

Simultaneous Connections with One VPN Subscription

VPN has certainly made us surf the Internet without blocking. While, do you have multiple devices (such as in a company) that you want to connect to the VPN servers simultaneously, or you want to share the VPN account with a family or even a friend? I think most of us prefer to get VPN service that supports simultaneous connections on a single account.


Have you ever tried out connecting to your VPN on two separate devices simultaneously? Most VPN service can vary substantially according to the personal requirement. But please make sure that you are using a VPN connection allows all your devices. Also, it’s better to choose a VPN which offers bundle pricing and gives separate connections. The use of VPN is essential when where an Internet connection is accomplished. You get to unblock thousands of websites globally, all the video contents are within your reach regardless of your exact location, and your business communications becomes smoother and more affordable.
There is no doubt that FlyVPN can meet your needs. Each of its shared IP VPN plan account can establish 100 simultaneous connections, but the total cost would be multiplied by the number of devices. FlyVPN’s VPN service is capable with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Linux. What’s more, no impact on quality of service will occur. There is no bandwidth or traffic limits, regardless of the number of established connections. They feature unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, and provide excellent VPN software for desktop. It is a wonderful choice for all those of you in need of impeccable speed in VPN with more than a couple of devices running on VPN simultaneously.
It’s easy to setup on all your devices by following their VPN tutorials. But you have to setup on each of the devices, refer to .

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