Monday, November 24, 2014

What if Firefox can’t load when connected to VPN service?

Yesterday I met a problem, when I connect to the VPN service, the Mozilla Firefox can’t load any sites (but IE and Chrome can).
You may also meet such a problem when the wired connection showed a stable connection. If you browse the Internet via Firefox through the VPN server that is having connection problems, you will not be able to load websites. When this happens, Firefox may show a Server not found or Unable to connect error message. While, test other browsers, it seemed to be working fine. 
This article is about how to fix this problem. There are a few steps to change the proxy connection and this step by step tutorial will show you how:



1.Click the menu button at the right top of the window, and select ‘Options’ from the menu that slides out. An ‘Options’ window will pop up.
2.Select the ‘Advanced’ panel and then ‘Network’ tab. 
3.In the ‘Connection - configure how Firefox connects to the Internet’ section, click ‘Settings’.
4.Select the ‘Auto-detect proxy settings for this network’ radio button.
5.Once done, click the ‘OK’ button to save the changes. Back on the ‘Options’ box, click ‘OK’ again.
6.Restart your Firefox browser to see if it takes effect.
7.If you are still unable to visit any site via Firefox, restart the computer and then try again.
VPN enables a computer or Wi-Fi-enabled device to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. If you want to surf the Web anonymously, bypass the Internet censorship and unblock geo-restrictions, you need to use a VPN to mask your IP address. if you have any problem when setup VPN, please refer to the VPN tutorials.
Firefox will connect to the internet via the VPN service now. So you can unblock the restrictions and enjoy surfing the internet anonymously.

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