Saturday, June 13, 2015

FlyVPN adds new Asian servers

FlyVPN recently updated their server network with several new Asian servers in Thailand, China, HongKong, Taiwan and Japan. There are more than 170 servers in my package, the shared IP package. If you are looking for an Asian IP, FlyVPN is without doubt our favorite VPN provider.

All the new added Asia VPN servers supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol. FlyVPN subscribers ordered the shared IP VPN package can use it now. They are available on PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android Tablet, Android phones or other devices. All the server IPs are static IPs. 
With summer holiday coming, you may plan to travel abroad. The VPN service is of cause one of the travel necessity. You are able to watch your native channels online from outside your country, without getting the error message looking something like this 'sorry, the video is unavailable in your country'. As FlyVPN have quite a lot of IPs, meaning that there are hundreds of IP addresses waiting for you. FlyVPN is also useful when you are in free WiFi in hotel rooms and coffee bars. It protects you from suffering from people stealing our data, information or hacking our phones or laptops.

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