Thursday, June 25, 2015

Maple Story 2 Tips: Nexon Korea Account, Downloading, Playing

On July 7 at 7PM, Nexon Korea's MapleStory 2 will be opened! The final test for MapleStory 2 online ends and the game received a lot of positive feedback. You are looking forward to participating in the full game. Meanwhile, you may meet some problems when struggling to create an account or having issues with playing the game. This article is about how to get a Nexon Korea account and how to download and play MapleStory 2.



Get a Nexon Korea account
Some of you may unable to create a Nexon Korea account. Don't worry. You can get a free Nexon Korea account via buy any of FlyVPN's packages.

Install Maplestory 2
1. Get to Maplestory2 home page.
2. Use your account to login. You may be redirected a 3rd time for Account Security, this page has 3 text boxes. Top is email, Mid is PW, Bottom is security code. Hit the pretty blue button to login finally and be redirected again to the home page.
If you are redirected to account verification page, ignore it. At the top right of your screen will be 2 grey words side by side. Click the Left one to go back to the Nexon Home Page. Scroll down and Find the MS2 button to go to the MS2 video page and hit the MS2 at the top left to get back to the home page.
3. After logging-in look at the GAME START button. Click the bottom third of the hexagon to be redirected to the Downloads page. Click download 01, not download 02. After hitting it a box will prompt with a wall of text followed by 2 circles and 2 buttons. This is the download confirm. Click the left circle to agree and the orange button to ok the download.
4. Proceed through the normal download functions your system has hitting all the runs' and yes' you do with a normal download until a pretty Maplestory 2 Box with a bunny girl appears.
5. Wink back at the bunny girl. o.~
6. At the bottom of this box is 4 buttons. 1 grey, 2 orange, and 1 blue. The 2nd button which is the LEFT orange button starts the glory. Click it and be patient... 
7. Once it is complete, the 1st button should turn green. Click it and be patient...
8. Now a NEXON GAME MANAGER box should prompt up. Hit the left button on the bottom with the checkmark in it. 
9. At this point you should have the installation box up with the cute maplestory 2 chibi's. Stare it with all your pent up hype and watch it tick by for what feels like a life time.
10. Once it completes it will change on its own and have a monitor looking thing with a blue check in the bottom left and blue button on the right. Click the blue button and the box will close. Installation done.

Playing the Game
Click Game Start. You may get an error. Click it and it will bring up another Verification prompt. There should be 2 options side-by-side. Click the left blue button.
A new prompt will appear. Near the middle of this box to the right of some blue text is a white button. Click it then click the pop up that should appear. The box will now change and you opted out of the verification process (becoming a 'Nexon Friend' from what my translation understood?). Click the blue button. IF the box doesn't close on its own just exit the box.
Log-out, important step or you'll just get endless errors which say relog.
Go through the tedious login again.
Click GAME START..... 

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