Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where can I download free musics

Due to copyright or some other reasons, most music streaming are premium. Especially, when you want to download the song, you have to pay for it. Today, I wanted to share a site for streaming music in China that I have been using almost every day. The site is QQ music. Most of its songs are free for download. QQ Music is only available for mainland Chinese residents. But a China VPN would satisfy your needs. 



QQ Music is a good choice to listen to music, to look up music, and the most important, it's one of the free to download providers. Can not imagine such a thing in Europe or North America! QQ Music is renowned for its vast number of songs, various kinds of song types, and multi languages. You can access it here: You will find QQ Music apps for windows, iOS, mac OS and Android systems from this site.
Nevertheless, you may find a Chinese IP is required to download musics from QQ Music. FlyVPN recently provides a free Chiese VPN account. Unlike its previous time limit free VPN accounts, this account do not set 20 minutes limitation. I have tested and find that we can use it the whole day for free. We can find 7 China servers in this free account from the image below.
Free China VPN account: musicfree
Password: flyvpn


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