Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to download free music on iPhone

Due to private copying and copyright laws, lots of music streaming are not allowed to free download songs. Today, I would like to recommend several Chinese free music app for iOS. If you don't have a Chinese IP, refer to VPN service.


Earlier this month several music industry organizations in the UK won a judicial review which renders the Government's decision to allow copying for personal use unlawful. Following this unexpected decision are UK citizens now breaking the law if they copy their own CDs? How will the fate of the legislation be determined?
Ripping a music file from a CD to .MP3 format for playing on a smartphone or tablet being one typical example. This exception does not allow copying of copyright protected material for family and friends, neither does it legitimize downloading files from the Internet, as in most cases the downloader will not already own a legitimate licensed copy.
Thankfully, there are still a host of excellent websites that allow you to legally download and locally store your music free of charge. The most used Chinese music apps, Baidu Music, Xiami Music, QQ Music, and Kugou Music are free. You can listen to artists and albums, hot and latest songs, download them totally free. If you don't have a Chinese IP, just refer to FlyVPN. They provide a free VPN account, containing several Chinese servers. There is no time limit for this account. What's more, it's totally free. It's easy to setup this VPN, refer to their tutorial: After setup the VPN, just login with their free account to change the IP. 
Free account: musicfree
Password: flyvpn

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