Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watch Digiturk from outside of Turkey

Traveling abroad, but want to see your native broadcasting? For most Turks, Digiturk is one of the most popular TV channels. However, Digiturk is only available for Turkey users, who have a Turkey IP address. For this to work in abroad, you need a VPN service.


Digiturk is a Turkish satellite television provider founded in 1999, with services starting in mid-2000. They offer both national cable television channels and their own channels, national radio, and music streams of different genres. Digiturk relays 38 national channels, 22 news channels, 23 film and series channels, 20 sport channels, 14 children channels, 12 music channels, 15 documentary channels, 9 entertainment and life style channels and 65 other international channels.
You will receive an error shows 'sorry, the content is unavailable in your region'. That is caused by a block making the Digiturk stream only available to people located in Turkey, people with a Turkey IP address. FlyVPN can give you one Turkey IP. So, if your current favorite program is going right now, you can be ready to watch it in less than 10 minutes. Download their client, get their free VPN accounts, and you are ready to go! There are many other free servers in these free accounts. And with that service, you will no longer get to see what is available on your region, but from anywhere you can watch and enjoy everything that is available on regions listed. 
They have good service and a good product and it works perfect for watching streaming, play games and other functions. If you need to use the VPN service very often, you can make a subscription of their service, the Turkey servers are in the shared IP VPN package.

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