Thursday, July 16, 2015

VPN for Cheaper Online Shopping

Websites can detect your IP location via standard IP detection and geo-restriction systems to restrict your online purchases. You may find some products are quoted different prices for people in different countries. A VPN service allows you buy cheaper games, books, electronic products, movies and music online.



ECommerce payments and fraud consultancy company emphasized the importance of geo-location tagging for online transactions made by credit cards on their website. By using a VPN, every time a site will query my location they will find me in the region where my VPN server is. Once you set up the connection, you can use IP of other regions without being blocked or charged at higher prices. 
It's no surprise that online gamers are keen to find their way to access to the lower prices in game. Steam is a difficult one to get a game with lower price by changing IP addresses. However, the cheaper prices for PlayStation 3 Online, Xbox LIVE, Origin and some other game sites can be accessed.
Geo-blocking is an online practice that prevents shoppers in some countries from being able to buy products and services for cheaper prices overseas. The frustrating reality of geo-blocking is common for Australian consumers, and they are often charged hefty mark-ups on products.
I visited the Samsung website on a US server and find a Samsung Galaxy Tab quoted $149.99, but with a Russian server quoted the same device for $138. While Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are among the main culprits, online media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu also divide the globe into segments, only some users can access to those with a certain IP address. You can use VPNs to access TV, movies and media that only available in other countries.
VPN services are being used extensively by players, online shopping customers, businesses, travelers need video streaming from abroad. A free VPN is enough for tricking these sites and getting lower price. Even use a paid VPN, you can save on video games, tickets, electronics and other online shopping stuffs that have practically recovered the cost of the VPN subscription. 


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