Thursday, July 30, 2015

Galak-Z: The Dimensional launches on PlayStation 4 on Aug. 4

Galak-Z: The Dimensional is only a few days away from release as part of Sony's PlayStation 4 summer downloadable game promotion. GALAK-Z is a modern, A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of the classic 16-bit space shooter. 



August is only less than a week away so unsurprisingly, members of the Playstation Plus subscription service are already very excited to find out which free games are in store for them. While there has not been a confirmation from Sony (as new games usually come out in the first week of every month), a lot of speculations regarding the line-up of the free games have already surfaced online. And by the looks of it, subscribers would really get their money's worth in August. According to a forum dedicated to next month's titles predictions, "Galak-Z: The Dimensional" most likely would be included in the offering.
Galak-Z offers the next-generation of shoot-em-up action, combining modern A.I., physics-­driven mechanics and open­-world expanse with classic 16-­bit space shooter blasting. Turns out your ship can turn into a combat mech in Galak-Z. You come equipped with a sword, shield, and the ability to grapple and throw rocks, ships and more. It isn't just a game about flying around space in a ship ... because your ship can also transform into a mech wielding a giant laser sword.
Described by 17-bit Games lead Jake Kazdal as "Far Cry 3 shoved down the throat of R-Type 3," Galak-Z was one of many indie games featured during Sony's E3 2013 press conference. The games has you playing as a ship exploring space, avoiding and engaging in combat, and collecting resources in order to make your ship more powerful through upgrades. The game is randomly generated making each level unique each time you play it.
Players will take control of a variety of a spacecraft inspired by anime of the late 70s and early '80s, piloted by a cast of characters every bit as colorful as the rainbow­hued explosions erupting all around them. Newtonian physics take center stage as players experience finely­tuned control, blasting enemies, unleashing missile salvos, and tossing enemies into explosive obstacles.

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