Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Early play The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice is set to be launched on July 9, 2014 through Steam's Early Access program, only less than 3 hours left for New Zealand players. If you live outside of New Zealand, and would like to play as earlier as possible, then change your IP to a New Zealand one.




The Red Solstice is a top-down, tactical, squad based survival shooter video game, developed by Ironward and published by Ironward for Microsoft Windows. The game is a tactical, 8-player, co-op survival game set in the distant future on Mars. It is the first installment in The Red Solstice video game series. The Red Solstice is getting a big single-player campaign! If you like tactical strategy games, you should love TRS's single-player, offering between 7 and 30 hours of gameplay.
As NewZealand is one of the regions that enters a new day among the earliest, you can use a NewZealand VPN server to unlock this game earlier. No need to wait another day or another 3 hours. A VPN allows you get the game in less than 3 hours. Steam doesn't care whether you use VPN to change the IP. 
Get the free VPN account from FlyVPN. Close Steam and restart. Once Steam restarts, it should start unpacking The Red Solstice. Wait until the game is done unpacking and start it up with the VPN running to make sure it works. If it works, exit the game, select Go Offline in Steam (It's under Steam in the top left). You can close the VPN now too. You can go online in Steam again once the game officially releases. If you are new to VPN, just read on the VPN tutorials about how to use VPN.

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