Friday, July 10, 2015

How to watch HBO Now TV from abroad

HBO Now is a new online service from HBO giving people to watch HBO programs and films online. Not supposed to be available for people all across the world, it's only for people in the USA. This article will tell you how to watch HBO Now online from all across the world.


HBO Now was made available in April 2014, but unfortunately only to Apple users. The first problem you may face is that you enter the Apple Store and search for HBO Now, but you do not seem to find the application itself. What is the problem? If you can not find the HBO Now application the problem is that your Apple ID is connected with an Apple Store in another country (that is, not in the USA). To fix this you will need to enter Settings – iTunes & App Store and press on your Apple ID. First you need to View your Apple ID and once there you press the Country/Region settings and then you Change Country or Region settings. Notice that any ongoing subscriptions to products in another country will be stopped as you change this, but if you do not have any ongoing subscriptions this will not cause any problems.
As you change the nation you choose US as your nation and then you type an address. Once you have added these settings you can visit the Apple Store again and now you will be able to find the HBO Now application. You are now half the way to success, but now comes the most important part, because for this to work you will need an American IP address. To get an American IP, we recommend using the VPN services - FlyVPN, a service that contains over 100 IPs.
NOW TV Movies has a free thirty day trial which is very nice, and is somewhat similar to for example Netflix. The films available are in fact quite cool and somewhat different from Netflix and Amazon Prime. It seems to us that they get some of the really hot and new films quicker than their opponents.
At NOW TV Entertainment you can see content from Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Gold, Comedy Central, Arts, ITV Encore, Fox, MTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Junior. 
With a NOW TV Sports subscription you will able to watch live content from the following amazing Sky channels: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports Ashes, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports F1. Since sports is fun live, there is not a big selection of stuff to watch, so this is for sports enthusiasts who want to watch all the action and fun live on their favorite SKY Sports channel. 


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