Saturday, March 5, 2016

Watch Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress online free

Recently, Tangren's latest series - The Imperial Doctress, starring Liu Shi Shi and Wallace Huo, become so popular. The Chinese drama depicts the legendary life of Tan Yun Xian (Liu Shi Shi), who through her enthusiasm and persistence, overcame many difficulties and rose through the ranks to become the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty. Set in the Ming Dynasty under the rule of Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen, Yun Xian overcomes many societal obstacles in her passion and pursuit of medicine.

Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress

Viewer in China, and have subscribed cable TV service can watch The Imperial Doctress on Dragon TV and Jiangsu TV each night, 7:30 pm. For viewers living outside of China, it's easy to watch full episodes online. The Imperial Doctress is available on online TV channels iQiYi, Sohu TV, LeTV, Tencent TV and PPTV. All of the channels are free, and not require create account. What you need is a China VPN.

Title: The Imperial Doctress
Chinese title: 女医·明妃传 / Nv Yi Ming Fei Zhuan
Country: China
Genre: Historical & Romance
Episodes: 50
Producer: Karen Tsoi
Chief Director: Lee Kwok Lap
Broadcast network: Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV
Broadcast Date: February 13, 2016
Broadcast Days: Sundays - Saturdays (2 episodes per day)
Duration: 45 min

Liu Shi Shi - Tan Yun Xian
Zhang Zi Mu - Young Tun Xian
Wallace Huo - Zhu Qi Zhen
Lou Yun Hao - Young Zhu Qi Zhen
Huang Xuan - Zhu Qi Yu
Wu Ze Jin Zi - Young Zhu Qi Yu
Yuan Wen Kang - Ye Xian
Li Chao - Bayan Temur

How to get a free China VPN to watch The Imperial Doctress

Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress

Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress

Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress

Chinese Drama The Imperial Doctress
  1. Download free VPN software. Install and run it.
  2. Create an account to login. Or use their free trial VPN accounts. Both of your account and the existing accounts can be used to access the free VPN servers.
  3. Traffic type - send all traffic via VPN. VPN protocol - auto. Don't forget to check box "enable ipsec for L2TP".
  4. Connect to one of the Chinese VPN servers. The SH BGP servers are not recommended to watch TVs.
  5. Now watch The Imperial Doctress.


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