Friday, April 29, 2016

The Threat of Malware & How to Protect Privacy

In almost every home environment a wireless router acts as the single point of entry and exit for data communications, meaning that all data from the local network has to pass through your router. When people here about viruses and malware, their first thought is always their laptop and desktop computers. But most people don't even think about their networking devices being susceptible to malicious code and malware. The unfortunate truth is that your wireless router can also become infected with malware just like your personal computing devices.

Internet security

Most modern operating systems have built in security features and ways to alert users that their computer has been infected with malware. But have you ever used a utility to scan your router for malware? Not likely. People tend to take their wireless routers for granted and they are never in the forefront of their minds. Malicious malware could be lurking on your wireless router without your knowledge, causing all sorts of digital chaos that destroys your privacy and Internet security.

Furthermore, some operating systems like Windows are far easier to break into or trick users into clicking on a bad link that will download and install the malware. Infected torrents have been frequently used as a distribution system to propagate viruses and malware, and there are numerous ways that attackers infect computers. Though the risk of an infected router is smaller than the risk of getting malware on your computer, it is still a staunch threat.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to protect online data against these threats. The easiest way is use a VPN. Since you never know who might be virtually looking over your shoulder at what you are up to, a VPN service is something you really need to protect your identity and preserve your privacy. Anyone that wants to protect their privacy and security online should use a VPN. These days most of us transact every detail of their personal life online - don't risk your most sensitive details with an unsecured internet connection.

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