Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best China Mainland VPN for unblocking Video and Music Sites

China is the third largest country in the world which is the largest one in Asia as well.She has affluent resource in technology, geograpy and culture.In this years,knowing about China seems like a neccessity for keeping the development pace with the world. How to learn? Learning Chinese songs and watch Chinese movies are the simplest two ways. 

Nevertheless,you may find many Chinese websites as QQ and iQIYI are only avilable in China mainland when you try to open them as the following shows:
unblock “腾讯视频” with China minland vpn
unblock “腾讯视频” with China minland vpn

Yes, right.Only with China mainland ip can open those sites. Getting China mainland vpn is no longer a hard work, only a vpn software can make it figured out.

Flyvpn is the best China mainland vpn which is fast and stable enough. For short-term users, it is totally free because it offers freetrial every day for 3 times and every time 20 mimutes. Ehile for long-term users, i suggest you purchasing one with only $10 per month. Ok, start setup flyvpn referring to this tutorial: .

Open those video sites again after flyvpn successfully setup.Miracle happens.You can watch those videos smoothly as a result of your ip being changed to China mainland ip.Next time, you can use the same ways to unblock video sites.

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