Saturday, February 20, 2016

How to setup a free VPN on Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi's latest flagship phone, the Xiaomi Mi5, will release next week on 26th Feb! Not only be China's "Apple", Xiaomi smart phones also popular in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Brazil. If you want to bypass Great Firewall to access social networks and upload videos in China or simply encrypt your traffic to be protected from all kinds of online hazards even when you use public Wifi Hotspots at cafes, airports, and malls, a VPN service is necessary for your Xiaomi Mi5. I will give VPN tutorial for Xiaomi Mi5 later. First, let's check some features of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5.

Xiaomi Mi5 key features

  • Have Snapdragon 820, USB Type C 3.0, and Qualcomm 3.0 fast charging.
  • With the thickness of 6.35mm (144.3 x 70.2 x 6.35mm).
  • Contain a micro SD card expansion tray.
  • Contain dual SIM, and full network support.
  • Include NFC.
  • Have a Snapdragon 820 chip along with 4 GB RAM and a choice of 16, 64 or 128 GB of internal storage.
  • Contain an IR remote which will work with over 10 categories of product and be compatible with a total of 2000 products.
  • Its camera includes a 26 mega-pixel sensor with PDAF and F1.6 aperture.

How to setup free VPN on Xiaomi Mi5

Although it sounds all very techy, VPN is easy to setup. Here we choose FlyVPN's free trial VPN servers.

Step 1 - Get a free Android VPN Client for your Xiaomi Mi5.
Download Android VPN Client from Google Play.
Or download Android VPN Client from FlyVPN.

Step 2 - Create an account, and logging the account on the downloaded app. New users will get 14 days free membership.

setup a free VPN on Xiaomi Mi5setup a free VPN on Xiaomi Mi5

Step 3 - Now route the traffics. In most cases, you can either choose "Use VPN for all access, excluding... - none" or "Use VPN when accessing... - all". But if you want to use the specific traffic function, choose the right region as it states.

free vpn serverfree vpn server

Step 4 - You will see a list of free VPN servers. Click on one of the servers. Depending on what you're using a VPN for, your service's location and the exit locations you can choose are important to consider.

Step 5 - Click on Connect button, you will get connected to the server in a few minutes.

Free IP addresses we can get on Xiaomi Mi5

Free Canada IP
Free Mexico IP
Free Brazil IP
Free Argentina IP
Free Peru IP
Free Korea IP
Free Japan IP
Free China IP
Free HongKong IP
Free Taiwan IP
Free Singapore IP
Free Malaysia IP
Free Vietnam IP
Free Thailand IP
Free Indonesia IP
Free Indian IP
Free Philippines IP
Free Britain IP
Free Germany IP
Free Spain IP
Free France IP
Free Turkey IP
Free Italy IP
Free Russia IP
Free Egypt IP
Free Australia IP
Free NewZealand IP

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