Wednesday, December 23, 2015

T-Mobile is throttling video traffic? How to avoid throttling?

Last month, T-Mobile's announced 'Binge On' program, a free video streaming service that doesn't use up our data. The program currently supports the following platforms: HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Sling,Fox Sports, and with more to follow. While YouTube refuses to make itself available to this program because it throttling video services and degrades video quality.

Bing On reduces data charges, meanwhile, it throttling video traffic as well. Binge On is active by default for all T-Mobile customers, and must be manually turned off. If a T-Mobile customer opts out of Binge On, all video will count against their data plan. Customers don't have granular control over which services they want to use for Binge On, either.

traffic throttling

How ISP throttle traffic?

T-Mobile has made some big changes in the last few years, but the way it manages data caps has worried some net neutrality advocates. It's common that ISPs throttle and cap internet for customers. ISPs have access to all your traffic, able to track all the websites you visit, all the files you download, and all the movies you stream. They sort it based on the type of data and the ports used to access the data. Then these ports can be automatically assigned to be throttled.
ISP commonly throttle:
  • Video Streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube
  • Online Gaming and MMRPG
  • File-sharing software and BitTorrent

How to prevent Data throttling?

  • The easiest way to prevent traffic throttling is connect to another Internet tunnel - VPN. It will encript all the data and send them through another tunnel, which will prevent your internet provider from being able to read your internet traffic.
  • Another way is to keenly monitor your data usage. Find out exactly how much your data plan provides. Android 4.0 and above already features a data usage monitor offering several ways to track data usage. Apple iOS also offers a way, albeit not very useful, to monitor your data usage by going to - Settings - General - Usage - Cellular Usage. 
  • Root Your Android Device, Modify the ROM & Delete the "Throttle Services" Files.
  • Activate Chrome browser's data compression, go to Settings - Bandwidth Management - Reduce data usage. 

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