Thursday, December 25, 2014

VPN for Qatar to Bypass Internet Censorship

Qatar, claimed to be one of the most connected countries in the Arab world, still experiences multiple internet censorship and restrictions. VPN service is secure and reliable to bypass the Internet censorship.


Censorship and monitoring of the Internet or any type of media in Qatar is so common. The government of Qatar openly acknowledges their internet censorship policy which is focused on websites with pornographic content. Websites that are said to have offensive content against Islam are also blocked. Since the Qatar government uses a proxy to censor the internet, they probably monitor web searches, messages, forums, blogs and emails for targeted offences.
The VPN service can unblock websites as easily as they were blocked by the government proxy servers. Users can access all relevant websites and services by connecting through a new IP address assigned by the VPN. Using the combination of security protocols and encryption methods, the VPN will ensure none of your communication is useful if intercepted by government or ISP surveillance.
The VPN also allows you protect and secure your personal information, making you browse the Internet anonymously. The VPN converts the information into a special tunnel. When a connection to the VPN server is made the user is automatically made invisible since they are now behind a foreign IP address.
Besides, VPN can also unblock all geo-restricted media contents like Netflix, YouTube, and CBS. Users can gain access to news resources, health resources, music services, video services, P2P & torrent downloads etc., and all in the secure boundaries of a VPN server.
Using a VPN service will allow users fully benefit from internet websites and services. FlyVPN provides special offers of their VPN servers. This promotion event seems to be their biggest discount for the whole year, as low as $4 each month. See more at the VPN special offer. Though Qatar’s Internet is heavily surveillance, the VPN is a convenient and cheap solution to keep you browse the Internet freely.


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  2. i used waselpro vpn service when i was in qatar , and it was so easy to use and be in touch with my family and friends .

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