Wednesday, December 31, 2014

VPN for Turkey Internet Censorship

Residents in Turkey have been subjected to the increasing Internet censorship over the past year. The most common means to protect privacy and get Internet freedom is by using of a VPN service.


As the internet law makes Internet censorship and surveillance legal in Turkey, a very tight control of the internet are already a reality in Turkey. The Turkish government has expanded its powers to censor online content and to monitor Internet activity without independent oversight. It can block websites without seeking permission from a court, and even require Internet providers to keep records on Web users' activities for two years for authorities.
Web sites are blocked for intellectual property infringement, particularly file-sharing and streaming sites. With social media growing as a tool for public discourse, the authority has banned YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. Access to reliable and latest political news and opinions become important to prevent privacy and freedom. The best way the Turkish residents can access an uncensored internet remains by VPN connection.
A VPN connection gives you access to the free internet world like you would have been surfing without censorship. The VPN can be thought of as an encrypted tunnel that connects to a server in another country, and routes all your traffic through that server. This means that the ISPs have no way of seeing what’s inside this tunnel, so no way of monitoring or censoring the traffic. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network.
What’s more, VPNs are cheap and easy to use. You get access to the free world without restriction, and without worries of accessing outdated data. During this holidays, I’m sure lots of VPN providers would make discount for their VPN services. Get yourself a cheap VPN to seek for Internet freedom

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