Friday, April 3, 2015

Play StarDrive 2 Early

StarDrive 2 will be launched on April 9th, 2015 for PC. The turn-based 4x space strategy Zero Sum game will be published by Iceberg Interactive. To unlock the game among the top earliest, get connected to a New Zealand VPN server




Starting with a single planet and a small number of space-worthy vessels, you must venture forth into the galaxy, conquer new worlds, build new colonies and defend your very existence against those who would take what is yours. More information from the official Website at . StarDrive 2 can be get on Steam and various other digital platforms, at the price of $29.99.
FlyVPN allows you preload and unlock StarDrive 2 in Steam hours earlier. Follow the below steps to pay earlier:
Get a free New Zealand VPN
1. Use FlyVPN’s free account ‘vpnu’ from
2. You can only use this account 3 times a day, so make sure don’t use them up before you unlock the game. 
3. This is the link of their VPN tutorials: .

1. Connect to a New Zealand VPN.
2. Start game download process and let it download about 5 minutes while VPN Connection is on!
3. Close VPN Connection, let your local network continues to download. It’s for fast download speed. Several minutes of stop may occur at the beginning.
4. Connect to the VPN again at the end of download, appear as if you are in New Zealand.
5. Download finished!

Play early
1. Connect to New Zealand VPN server.
2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on. 
3. Close the game and VPN connection, but do not close the game site.
4. The game has been unlocked at New Zealand time! 

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