Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HBO Launches HBO Now

HBO, Home Box Office, decided to launch "HBO Now" web-based streaming service. What’s more, HBO have partnered with Apple Inc. to promote the release of their wireless streaming service. Want to get this $14.99/month direct streaming service? VPN service can help change your IP to an American one, allowing you subscribe and watch its content as Americans do.



HBO Now differs from HBO GO because it doesn’t require a cable subscription for access. It will offer the entire HBO programming. Apart from being one of the most watched TV shows it will be available exclusively on HBO Now and Apple TV. HBO NOW will be exclusively available on the Apple TV and Apple devices for the first three months. Once that three month period has expired, HBO will bring the service to other platforms as well. Apple users can simply download the HBO Now app on their iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod-Touch devices while all other platforms will have their own dedicated apps which will be announced soon.
After its release HBO Now is expected to get more than a million active subscriptions as TV subscriptions are declining since 2010. HBO will unleash their entire video streaming library this month and will compete against the likes of Netflix, Hulu and other VoD giants. Get hand of a VPN to enjoy HBO Now.
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