Sunday, April 5, 2015

Site blocking laws against VPN

VPN service might be primarily directed to 'facilitating' copyright infringement. The category that VPNs operating are in a grey area, like unblock media websites, for example, Netflix, Hulu and BBCiPlayer.


A VPN may be considered to be 'facilitating' infringement of copyright, especially for sites that either advertise themselves as ways to obtain content from non-Australian sites or with a majority of users that do so. Australia's copyright landscape is already pretty hostile towards online service providers. It is not the only country to bring in copyright regulations and legislation that spell trouble for VPNs. Already, there have been concerns that VPN providers in Canada may leave that country after the introduction of stricter regulations around copyright infringement and piracy in that country.
When VPN’s usage of bypassing kinds of restriction banned, VPN can only be used as a legitimate service for privacy and security conscious internet users in these countries. 


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