Monday, August 25, 2014

PPTP VPN for Android 4

It’s inconvenient for the people to traveling, working or studying in Asia because of the stricter internet censorship. There is no doubt that VPN is the best solution to watch Hulu or Netflix on Android, and stay in touch with restricted sites. You can access to geographically restricted websites, even if you’re not in that region by using FlyVPN.  The FlyVPN, one of the VPN I have used, will allow you access to more websites. It offers the best anonymity and is impossible to block by your Internet Service Provider.
The Android platform has an outstanding built-in VPN connection tool that allows you to connect. Here is the guide of how to Setup personal PPTP VPN on your Android.

How to Configure
1. Open the Settings icon on the main screen.
2. Click the 'Wireless and Networks' area, tap VPN and Add VPN network.
3. You can choose one of the protocol you need. Here we Add PPTP VPN to create the VPN connection.
4. Input "Server Address" provided by FlyVPN. Log in and get FlyVPN server address
Check "PPP encryption (MPPE)" .
5. Tap Save.

How to Connect
1. Open the Settings application, and Click "FlyVPN" to connect. 
2. Enter your username and password. If you are using free trial VPN service. Please check this page to get free trial VPN account and password. 
3. Click "Connect".

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