Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Setting up VPN on iPhone

FlyVPN offers fast and stable service for your iPhone. Make privacy, security and freedom easy on your iPhone via VPN service.
The fees on data bandwidth continue to increase recently, however, our VPN service for iPhone helps insulate you from the high costs of data charges. This savings can be particularly important when you watch videos. FlyVPN for iPhone can access to European, American, Asian and other area of websites from remote locations. They make you bypass location-based IP blocking. Beside, our virtual private network protects you against online security threats by creating a encrypted tunnel.
Here is the tutorial for setting up VPN on iPhone. Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to the FlyVPN, which allow you to access site and resources off home or office.

Step 1: To get start click on the "Safari" icon.

Step 2: Input "" in the brower.

Step 3: Input your account and password, then login.

Step 4: Click "VPN Servers" or "Free Trial".

Step 5: Click "Batch Mode".

Step 6: Pick some VPN servers you want to add.

Step 7: Click "Setup all Selected".

Step 8: Click "Install" and then "Install Now" button.

Step 9: Enter your iPhone passcode.

Step 10: Click "Done" button.

Step 11: Check the VPN server you want to connet.

Step 12: Swift VPN status to "On".

Step 13: You are now connected to Flyvpn.

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